Dashing Rogue cosmetic not accessible

I bought the Dashing Rogue pack and i cannot acces it in the inventory neither can i reimburse it
i bought it , saw the frame beeing unlocked but the cosmetic is not ‘reachable’.
It also took me a time to see i already bought it but could not acces it so i might have bought a second one to similar effect .

Have you tried relaunching the Steam client and/or Vermintide 2? :slight_smile:

I did two times but once you sugested it it worked so thank you
but how / and where can i reimburse the second pack ?(it’s counted in the DLC list on steam).

Does it appear in your recent purchase history?: https://store.steampowered.com/account/history/

it does now , sorry for taking your time from much more serious problems and thank you (it worked).

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