Game crashed and I lost all my red dust

I had five red dust and I wanted to upgrade my trinket to red. Just as I clicked on Upgrade the game crashed (Backend error) and I couldn’t log back on. “Failed to start, operation was cancelled by the user”. After updating my graphics card driver and resetting my computer, I managed to start the game, but all my red dust was gone, and my trinket is still orange.
I posted to their customer support forum as well, but haven’t gotten feedback. I’m not very happy about the whole situation, as you can imagine. Kinda regretting supporting them by buying the DLC and everything.

That sucks, when did that happen? I think they have a good record of fixing issues like that, but can take some time due to small staff.

Two days ago. I sure hope something can be done. Still awaiting a reply at their official support forum.

We are running a couple of days behind on support but no doubt can help you out with this as soon as possible. Did you provide a link to your steam ID and details about the item in question to save any back and forth?

Update: doesn’t seem your ticket was submitted fully as we dont see it in the queue.

Tap the support button at the top of this page and submit your help request there. Be sure to include a link to your steam profile URL.

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