Give me my money back!

Game crashed as usual and as I boot it up again the game thinks it’s my first time with the engineer dlc. It’s not!

All the cosmetics I had are gone!!

I’m getting real pissed here! this is not the first time I have lost gear and I put actual real life seconds/minutes/hours= Time into playing this game and I am getting to the point that I want my money back! Noting is working! I’m submitting bug report after bug report and nothing gets fixed and which ever does get fixed is reintroduced weeks later in another patch which havent been testet!!

Srsly! I want my money BACK! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

You hear me ?? GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!!!
Im done with this shet show of you incompetent people! Do you realize just how many hours I have put into this pizz game only to lose all progess once and now again! 2000 - TWO THOUSANDS HOURS and now I’m back to zero. Second TIME!

I - W A N T - MY - M O N E Y - B A C K!!!

you have my email as can be seen on my profile! Contact mere there!

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woaw man chill down, calm down and one of the Dev will open a ticket to restore your inventory


Just restart the Steam client a couple of times, the DLC will “relink” correctly and your items will eventually reappear.

If you’d still like to proceed with a refund, let me know and I can sort that out for you.




I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game 3 times now. I have no cosmetics. I’m missing weaves and reds as well.

I’m done - I’ll take that refund.

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That sounds rough. You should ask for your money back.


It is bizarre for this issue to persist as long as it has, I presume all DLC are enabled in the Steam library? As for the refund, please add me on Steam and PM me so I can verify that the Steam account belongs to you.

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