Paid $45 for premium edition and game pass plays 24 hours before me?

What kind of bs is this? I preordered the day it was available and game pass gets to play it 2t hours before me? What is this, amateur hour? This is a joke. Plus I don’t have any of my Bonuses from my premium edition.

I hope you plan on doing something to make it up to us. But you got your money, what do you care? Should ask for a refund and just game pass it for this bs.

What are you talking about? It is clear from your post you are unhappy about something, but you have not even put in the effort of creating a thought-through post.

For everyone’s sake, please don’t make posts with things like: ‘‘what bs is this?", ‘‘This is a joke.’’ ,’‘You got your money why would you care?’’
I guarantee you the devs will not be inclined to help or compensate you for anything and will probably ignore your post.

If you think the developers are greedy and the game is only a cash grab, just refund it on steam. I don’t believe the devs are too stupid to realise that releasing a game prematurely will only cost them in the long run.
They misjudged the state of the game and are probably working far more than 40h/week to fix it.


Pretty sure this is an xbox player.

On topic, it’s only 24 hours lol, and the deluxe edition or w/e nets you in game cosmetics, not early access. Take it up with Xbox, not the devs.

oh my, it has to wait for 24 hours !!!

Yes, there are plenty of reports about this issue on this forum, as well as on reddit, and the devs are working on a fix.
Now, please go back to your mom and explain to her that the money she gave you are not gone and wasted, you simply have to wait for a day.

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I’ve been playing for months… so… meh? Details are important.

Not the end of the world.


Aint anything new here fella. Most of these subscription services are like this. Also…prob not a FS decision but a Microsoft/xbox decision . Go rage against them.

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