Drakki Wrath needs a buff

It’s literally the underpowered version of the BW Volcanic Force talent, and yes i know you have to fully charge it, but still most people use the fully charged flamethrower/flamethrower staff to burn down entire hordes. Devs should remove the 30% more heat generation part of Drakkis Wrath so it can compete against the BW version it.

As for the drakefire pistols, i don’t think removing the 30% more heat generation will all of a sudden make them OP, it’ll just be another viable build.


Drakki Wrath is far from being a bad talent tbh. I can’t imagine running it over anything else when I’m playing Drakefire weapons. Despite the heat generation penalty, the power boost it gives is a huge contribution to the aoe nature of both Drakefire weapons - the pacemaking and control of Pistols, and control/horde-clear of Drakegun.

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I have not been playing the game on a regular basis since Nov 2019 but I always felt barrage was a better choice than the talent. 5 % less damage for 30% less overheat.

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It’s basically mandatory for flamethrower, the 30% + Barrage is required to get it up to a damage level that lets you use it in bursts, which is essential to using flamer without hindering your team. It’s not that great a talent though, that’s the only build I use it for.

Barrage currently doesn’t proc on flamethrowers though. I even posted a bug report on it.

Works normally on PC, remember that manequins are shiet and they are not gonna proc everything but normal enemies proc barrage