Heavy-Flamer please and thank you

Would essentially perform how the bolter does compared to a standard auto-gun. Slow to draw, with terrible mobility, but packs a punch!

no thank you!

we need to remove these good aweful mistakes not add more of them!

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I don’t follow, what’s wrong with the current flamer?

I’m all for it If the heavy flamer acts more like a flamer and less like a melta like the current flamer acts.

Long stream of burning prometeum, no cleave, splashes on what it hits, can aim up to direct the stream further but means you’re not hitting close by enemies, can drop the prometheum behind cover.

it blinds teh team, making it lethal to be in melee . you cant see to block/dodge
it gives complete cover to any dangerous ranged enemy like shottgunner or sniper
same issue with ragers and bursters that will just appear out of the flame bukkake and spank you
it vents ammo
it gives up tactical advantage of space, when they reload they spam dodge backwards giving up precious room and often training team mates on thier blind sides.
its redundant - your a zealot your a melee specialist and your making all those feats and weapons redundant for a slightly easier way to kill hordes which were trivial to start with
you become worthless vs the really dangerous enemies ie ranged and the zeolot is second only to the vet on good long range weapons, psykers tend to use staffs ogres have weapons that can hit range but they lack badly.

so its a redundant doubling down on the already covered areas at the expense of doing something far more valuable , that also makes your teams life a living hell , causes wipes gets people killed and puts un nescesary stress on an ammo pool

I see. Maybe if they added an opacity effect onto flamers, making the flames more see through for teammates, they would be a bit more bearable for others to be around? What changes would you like to see, other than just having them remove from the game?

If it will be there it should be done something like Bardin’s crank gun - ultimate ability, press F to flame, or it’s gonna be OP as hell.

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Hey there’s a good idea! maybe if they made like a pyromaniac subclass for zealot?

Redemptionist class.

Kinda like how the Hellgun might need to be implemented.

Otherwise on the Ogryn, though no previous lore going about it

Can I piggy-back your thread and ask for Heavy-Power-Sword? It would be slow to draw, with terrible mobility, but when your press LMB long enough it would kill everything on the map with one swing.

On a serious note. Look at the current flamer or purge staff. Both weapons assuming you have correct blessings and talents still melt everything on the screen. I’m not a fan of weapons which require little player interactions, aiming and timing. Standing there holding LMB might feed into your power fantasy, but doesn’t make for engaging or challenging gameplay.

In before someone tells me to stop telling them what is enjoyable, drop difficulty a notch, to difficulty 1 to 4, and you can have your power fantasy there. We can have difficulty 5 where you actually have to engage a bit more with what is happening on the screen.

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If we had that at least it won’t be hyperbole any more.

I think before this we need a heavy bolter for the ogryn.

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Purge staff is worst than the flamer tbh

well… usually it kills everything within. You just, if you want to not take risks, not being at the start of the ifre cloud.

About the idea… Well, at contrary of others, I agree.
BUT, as I said in the heavy bolter thread, this weapon has to have less ammo than the normal version

But they need to change the ammo system…

Maybe several ammo types is needed… Or shared ammo when one collect ammos, all get ammos (not really worse than the aura aptitude of the veteran)

Currently there is a bit of a witch hunt going on where peoples “op” weapons are getting nerfed one of those was the flamer.

Nice idea not the best timing though :slight_smile:

id agree , we were just talking about the flamer not a complete list of the negative impact club :wink:

well i do my best to avoid it i basically go behind the flamer and wait for them to run out of ammo to push forward or fight a different front if there is one, but they will also swap targets on a whim and have no issues with spooging onto you when your already engaged , then you have to run out of combat which isnt always practical and has risks of its own.

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