Drachenfels: Expectations?

My favorite map of all Vermintide returns <3 Just thinking that Castle Drachenfels could be full of Undeads I love it.

Have it be two dwarfs in a costume. We all know that Franz is a penny-pincher, it’s not like he’d pay for an actual vampire.

Boom, two more dwarf characters.


Totally agree, two dwarves are always better than any Vampire/Somethingsomethingdieudonné out there.


Honestly, I like Hunger in the Dark. As I said, I love when maps are a kinda of “puzzle”. Blightreaper and Hunger in the Dark are two ways to “exploit” the darkness (you have to carry a torch, in the first map; you must stay near the cart, in the second one).

Anyway, I repeat, I don’t know how the dungeon is (I have seen just few minutes of a walkthough), but I think I could agree about adding some (not too much!) braziers if they aren’t present.

I agree also about this:

Yep, I know. I was fantasizing.

I think that the help and determinant will be what we got in Back to Ubersreik. I would not expect many changes.

Here’s what I realistically want and expect:

  • Maps have roughly the same locations and atmosphere, but new paths and secrets
  • Replace incompatible V1 stuff like the generator/bucket parts of Summoner’s Peak with something more fun and viable
  • Darkness stays in but adjusted to V2’s sensibilities
  • Appropriate enemy spawn chance depending on the location in the map (something like beastmen and blightstormers shouldn’t be in some tight dungeon area)
  • A multi-part secret to solve like in BtU
  • Unique boss fight/event at the end (looking at you, Bögenhafen)

I expect them to disappoint 40% of remaining playerbase. Any less would be a win.


I expect disappointment. :^) It is the swedes specialty after all.

It is pretty apparent drachenfels is a emergency fallback after the total failure that was WoM, as drachenfels was very popular. What better way to draw back fans who want to give fatshark a chance but keep getting disappointed?

A big, fat, meh, is very likely.


I’m being super cynical here…

But their statements never said that these were being released as new “adventure” maps, despite what we are all assuming.

That the maps being tied to a weave season makes me worried that we’re going to get these “reworked maps” split apart and delivered as part of some free weave mode to entice people into buying the full weave package.

I’m sure this is wildly off base and not at all what going to happen. But given that we ended up with “seasons” in the first place makes me worried that any nightmare we can envision is an entirely possible reality.



Probably the same treatment as BtU, tbh. Personally I’ve no experience with V1’s dlc so I’ll probably be fine while the rest of the forum reees about which ever terror events have too many plague rats or last too long :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d very much prefer a new location to going back to drachenfel. I’m probably gonna share the sentiment of the U5 when they’ll hear they’ll have to go there. Still, they said new maps, so it seems like it’s gonna be a new story and new maps, and that I’m excited about. It all depends on the delivery, but if it’s gonna be more or less a port, like BtU was, i’m gonna be disapponted.

Luckily it doesn’t look that way: actual return there would make going back to the peak unlikely at least. Also, lore-wise, the castle has a life of his own, switching it’s paths, so what i’d do is 1 map heavily reminescent of the old castle (like the chalice hall, the poison feast) maybe a bit of dungeons. And 2 different maps, I’m sure there’s loads of stuff we haven’t seen yet.

I hope the beastmen presence (because let’s face it, it’s gonna be beastmen) will be justified, and having 4 maps plus weaves with them will have them remove the herds from most of the vanilla maps (leaving the first part of athel, against the grain, the second part of engines, and just maybe some bit of fort, empire and festering ground - the wild bits - to have a beastmen presence. I could be ok with athel yenlui becoming a full beastmen map even, so long as we stop getting them on helmgart maps)

Why would they make Beastmen a fixed presence on new maps that you don’t need WoM for?


Good PR move?
Good way to entice players who like them into maybe buying WoM?
So they can fix the mess that is the 80% beastmen spawn into something better?
Because it’s a slippery slope?
If they don’t because of that reason it’ll mean beastmen will forever be locked into WoM, which would very likely prevent them from implementing something decent storywise.

Oh god, not more smelly Dwarves . . .

Even if they just make a straight port of the VT1 maps, they’ll be fun - maybe some sections might be hard if things go crazy by VT2 standards, but that could also be adjusted easily by creating some kind of spawn limiter within that area.

The thing about Dungeons is that it was supposed to be a magic darkness; that’s why Kerillian and Bardin - who both should already have dark vision - can’t see through it. It was never explained in the VT2 maps why they can’t see in the darkness. Generally I don’t even like the mechanic, but it works in Dungeons (IMO) precisely because it’s this gimmick the map is built around. The geometry of the underground areas is pretty simple, probably one of the most linear sections in any map, cuz it’s literally boxy hallways and boxy rooms. That’s good because the dark is oppressive, and you’re always heading down, deeper into the depths . . .

The gimmick isn’t just tacked on, it combines with level design to create atmosphere.


I turn my gamma up to max so I can role play dark-vision on the elf.


What I would like to see in regards to the boss is simply a boss that isn’t either Skaven or Rotblood. Some form of undead monster that we haven’t seen before and which is after killing every living thing within the castle.

The problem with Drachenfels and the other maps is they are very enclosed ones.
Good luck fighting a Chaos Spawn or even a Stormfiend there.

Don’t kid yourself here people. The “all-new storyline” is gonna be another illusion just like BtU. Some new voice lines from Olesya and nothing else.

Reworked levels means exactly what it ment for BtU as well.
It’s a copy paste and tweaked to work with V2. https://www.vermintide.com/news/2018/11/29/dev-blog-back-to-ubersreik-map-conversion

However I do expect new book placements and maybe another small objective kinda like the runes.

I garantee this is 100% all there is. And if you except anything more, you’re in for a dissapointment.


Too early to tell what they mean be “revisit” and “all new story-line”. Back to Ubersreik I think was treated as re-doing the same exact missions via illusion for Olyshea’s purposes.

In this case it could very well be the same environments with some change ups to level design and objectives. Level design may very well have to be looked into due to the transition to VT2 enemies/mechanics.


All I’m saying is that they didn’t create that new bridge of shadow illusion portal just for BtU. Don’t get your hopes up.