Doom on a stick

Hello all. I’m posting this because I’m very frustrated. When I bought the game I saw on video the knight with cool halberd and I wanted to get that I did play so many times all difficulties and I opened hundreds of chests for kruber and still did not get that halberd. I already start thinking this is a myth or devs removed it from the game. But when I see people get those and they told me for them it took about 1 month or something, its really pissing me off and I want to quit playing because I want to move on other classes and get cool weapons for them. I really bored to play with one illusion for almost 6 months. Can you please improve and increase chance to get “Doom on a stick” Halberd. I will be very appreciated. Or maybe my character is brocken and I don’t get it.


prolly broken, I have like 100, but none of the items I want drop. Pretty sure the game is f*cked somehow

Just gotta grind more just cus you dont get what you want doesnt mean the game is broken


Do you realize that ANY time of grinding doesn’t guarantee, that you will get what you want in this game cause rng. Moreover, grinding in the game is so intense, that even a really dedicated player with 500 hours played will STILL MISS 90% of the game’s content.

But the game is not, broken, no.

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It’s an RNG game, you cannot expect to get what you specifically want.

That’s one of the very first illusions I had for Kruber’s halberd.
I’m sorry for you, you seem quite unlucky.

Well this is exactly why I suggested new Challenge for Okri…
Weapon challenge that reward us with Illusion so we don’t have to grind them :confused:


That would be quite cool

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