"...don't forget to decorate the keep with your battle trophies."

…so where are they?

Are you really going to advertise the game with features that are not implemented?

For those that have missed it, http://www.vermintide.com/
scrolling down reveals information regarding the game that isn’t true as of right now.


In the closed beta it was possible to switch through some trophy wallpapers at frames located in the keep entrance including several private rooms. Suddenly they removed it and it never returned.

In the CE you got a sigmar statue at the keep entrace.

Thats all i know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yea, still waiting for my Banners or any Sign of Accomplishment.


I’m sure they’re in the pipeline but weren’t we meant to get a “custom heroic deed” at some point? Or how did that work, was that just a random deed we received? (talking about C.E.)


They said it will get implemented in the near future probably around the release of the first dlc!

So you’re fine with Fatshark advertising their game with features that are not in the game? Hey, I hold fatshark in high regard and it is why I want to point this out. When you’re advertising something to be present, from before the games is released and now two months after it has shipped and it still is not available? It’ll hurt you.


You can’t advertise something that isn’t in a product to sell it. Thats called LYING


Yes but lets not forget that this is not a big industrial complex that is doing the game its an independent game for 30$ and that so far the devs are doing a very well job. Advertising thing that are not already in the game has been duely noted by the devs (i was listening to the stream where they explained the update where they will add the “Fashiontide”) and they are sorry and work hard on it. We can wait at least one month if you can’t then just don’t play the game i guess. But in the end i agree with you its not okay to advertise something that is not completely true.

FS is smallish, not independent. They’re still a company. They aren’t indie developers.


I think we all agree it should have been there.
And that it’s bad to advertise this.
But — it’s a game. They have to advertise things that aren’t already there, because they can’t start with the marketing after it’s done, and then sometimes they miscalculate, and then they can’t turn back time and remove the advert for what they didn’t deliver in time. As long as they still create it I can live with that.


Guess you will have to decorate your house IRL first.


They sold over 1 million copies, they’re not some poor indie company.

Really? Did they take any actions to prove that?

It’s been more that 2 months.

Sure, but they at least can say sorry and compensate players with something for false promises.

Also not being able to finish a promised feature for more than 2 months seems less like miscalculation and more like false advertising.


I wouldn’t buy a car and then wait six months for the factory to figure out the air-conditioning y’know…


You should have gotten two or three deeds with the C.E., if i recall correctly. I got mine for sure. If you havent done any deeds yourself, then they should be the first two or three ones and they are all the same for everyone, i believe. Nothing special though, i think they were all for recruit.

Ah, so nothing ‘‘custom’’ about them then, kinda disappointing considering it was advertised as ‘‘custom heroic’’ but ah well.

Add it to the list of half baked content and mechanics. There’s a reason only 25% on average are playing the game just 2 months after release.


But if cars were videogames, the steering wheel would be a paid DLC, and the seats would come from random loot boxes.


Pre-order now and get an EXCLUSIVE steering wheel cover!


Can i get the zebra peluche one?

Well, it was an exclusive one, so it is kind of custom, but nothing special, because recruit and you just get an extra chest like in all the other ones.

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