Trophy Room

Looks just as expected some models for every boss fight and dlc.
The “plates” are probably invisible markers to enable parts of the models for completion on every difficulty. (Skyrim homes have them for the purchasable stuff)

I don’t know why you needed so much time to finish this

No conspiracy here. We simply didn’t get it done in time. We wanted to prioritize the core gameplay updates. The talent fixes, the levels. The trophy room is slated for a grand opening soon.

but that doesn’t matter as we will rarely wander in there to take a look. I think this was way better arranged in Vermintide 1 in the main room.


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@Fatshark_Hedge Seeing the blightreaper on a platform besides the other acts with lord battles and their respective weaponry made me wonder was it ever a plan of yours to make a boss fight in The Blightreaper?

Now that idea isn’t very new to be honest as I thought that you might add a boss in the new maps since before the dlc beta. But I doubted it during the beta but hey maybe the boss uses you to find the hidden switches and then makes his appearance breaking in the roof trowing you to the ground and taking the blight reaper. I mean the room was large enough to make for an awesome boss fight.
Warlord Krench was apparently a surprise as well.
And you did some animations for enemies with it for your trailer.

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I think you guys have missed the boat on the trophy room and should focus on something more meaningful.

Those of us with 800 + hours or whatever have already done all there is to do and don’t need a statue in a room, that we’ll look at once and never again, to know that our epeen is bigger than sigmar himself.

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