"...don't forget to decorate the keep with your battle trophies."

If cars were videogames, most of them would be created by small companies that required pre-orders to even afford the materials the build them.
Reading here, I certainly prefer advertised content that only comes after 2 months to content like “Exclusive bonus! (You don’t want it but you don’t know that yet)”. ^^

The radio you ordered with your car?

Maybe we’ll deliver it three, four months after you got your car. Don’t be so entitled to the things you paid for, go-jim!


Yeah, in real world there is laws and penalties for such things. In video game industry they can sell you a game for 40$ and stick a real money slot-machine in there. Or completely rework the game people’ve put hundreds of $ into, because you can, and you don’t care if they like it or not. Or just sell you a “car” without an “engine”, cause what are you gonna do?

At least FS don’t sell lootboxes, I gotta give them that. Sadly, but that deserves respect in 2k18.

Well I think technically you are not buying the game.
Since it’s on Steam, you are only paying for the privilege of using it. You don’t “own” a copy at all.

Not sure if that makes things better or worse.

True. Sad truth I guess.

This is how laws emerge. Capitalists start abusing common folk and the authority prevents that by adding new rules. Nowadays though lobbying is official in some parts of the world, and tbf no one even cares about gamers and abusive practice in internet in general.

EA managed to stir up this whole situation last year a little bit though, but I don’t think things are gonna get any better soon.

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