Does feedback matter?

Hi Fatshark @FatsharkCatfish

Do you see and listen to our feedback?
Do you understand it?

What do you think about it?
Why won’t you say anything?

Do you care?

Guess not :smiling_face_with_tear:

edit: To be specific, this is regarding the lack of high intensity modifers on damnation which seems like such an easy fix, a “low hanging fruit” but we have had no word about it for a looooooooooooong time.


In regard to a few things (like certain psyker changes), it seems like FS actually listened to feedback, and did almost exactly what was suggested.

In regard to a few other things (like crafting), it seems like they are not doing anything based on the feedback.
Maybe they are listening and have been working on it for a long time (we just do not see any of it yet).
Maybe they are listening and ignoring the feedback.

It would realy help if the CMs were able/allowed to communicate stuff like

  • community feedback that has been heard and will be addressed later on
  • things that are on the to do list, or currently being worked on
  • specific plans/goals for future updates
  • rough timeline/roadmap

For example, in regard to complaints about the crafting system, it would be nice if we got more than „the feedback is being forwarded and discussed internally“.

I am sure that the entire community would appreciate something like this:

click to display example

Based on community feedback, the team has decided that the following changes will be made to the crafting system:

  1. The mechanism of swapping perks on items will be changed to allow for perk selection from a list with a fixed cost similar to how the „rebless“ function works (higher tier → higher cost; specific prices are yet to be determined).
  2. The option to upgrade the modifiers of items will be added, allowing players to maximize all modifiers of their weapons at the cost of diamantine (specific prices are yet to be determined).
  3. The option to learn blessings of choice, without requiring a weapon that has the blessing on it, will be added. Obtaining a blessing this way, will cost diamantine or melk bucks (not yet decided). Higher tier blessings will be more expensive to unlock. The price may also vary depending on the effect of the blessing (specific prices are yet to be determined).
  4. The current locking system will be changed in such a way that players will be able to take any base item and apply the exact perks and blessings (type and tier) that they want. The way to achieve this has not yet been decided.

Although the currently existing factors of randomness in itemization will be kept in place, the above mentioned changes to the crafting system will allow players to circumvent all existing factors of randomization, and enable players to obtain perfect items via a 100% deterministic grind.
All those things are currently being worked on and we expect to be able to roll them out within x months.
I will inform you, once we have a specific date for the release of our crafting update.


It does matter and she does respond.

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I think the only feedback they care about is all the people happy about the mtx store opening up again


Community -

Fatshark - “what could people possibly want from us? Our game is perfect the way it is.”

The answer is no. Feedback doesnt matter because they dont listen ever.


Na it does not.
Try saying that the splash screen trigger some kind of phobia, might get an kick :rofl:

Where did all the crafting/break the lock threads go?

I guess they must’ve fixed that. Sweet!

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The same place as 92.5% of their original playerbase. To any other game.


this is crazy. this map system LITERALLY makes people stop playing when hi intensity goes away. such an ez quality of life fix. keep hi int shock troop up



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dev’s live on another planet


Yes they listen, that´s why the game got so fking easy without a decent learning curve. Just look back how many players have been sitting there “buff pls, buff pls, stop nerf or negative review!”, when the most poeple didn´t even had stats on their stuff or knew how to play / build around several weapons.

And now the same poeple are still mad and rinse and repeat their issues with the game all day long and how boring it is, because the only damnation high int / shock troop is “playable”.
I actually dunno if the most poeple here still play this game rather than sitting on forums and crying about the state of the game, which has also become a thing because FS listened to players who always stuck on metaplay and wanted to beat everything possible with easy LMB spam.

Just maybe get some fresh air between some game sessions instead of reposting everything everyday… just maybe. The reposter here are not the full community anyway.

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