Dodge nerf is most heaviest mistake that making game unfun to play

Yep. Meanwhile, Veteran has one of the best hoard clear weapon… Power sword :^)

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I agree, many of the recent changes like to dodge and toughness bleed through… very disappointing and counter to the very essence of their games.

They are turning it into a ranged only mediocre cover shooter. I hope this is not their intent, and realize it quickly.

Don’t be sleepin’ on the Flamer, now.

The powersword is the most overpowered and overtuned melee weapon by far. Good thing they nerfed knife lol.


Completely agree. dodging is a core mechanic that needs to be good. Otherwise we’ll all back to the circle of push again. I think Fatshark did this nerf to try and further force people to stick together but it wont help.

Make Dodge Good again!


Yeah i still dont know how and or why they went through and nerfed the knife but some how left the power sword completely untouched.

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Yes, power sword is insanely overtuned, a real outlier of all other melee weapons.

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