Do you think it is ready for launch in its current state?

The release date being so close, do you think the game is ready for launch?
The insane amount of inventory bugs that lock characters and backend errors that force you to exit the game even if you can see the rest of the players just fine…
I’m not very sure about the state of the game for release. :confused:
What do you think?


I’m kind of worried. They will probably have some fixes ready for release, they’ll have at least most of the maps ready, and a minor balance pass might also happen. All in all, I expect the game to be significantly polished two days from now than it is now - and it’s damned fun already.
However, I don’t expect it to be remotely bug free. There will still be places characters can get stuck, the occasional rat stuck in a wall, and probably even a few crashes. Unless they introduce drastic new bugs with their fixes, it’ll be playable, though I doubt a smooth ride in the first week.


Even if it’s not fixed 100%, people will still play and enjoy the game.

I’ve experienced some bugs in the game. Some prevented my team and I from progressing while others didn’t.

It’s still fun to play.

Short answer, Kinda.

Long answer, Kinda. The core game is done, and it’s great I’ve had a blast with Vt2 over the various technical beta test whatevers. I don’t often laugh out of sheer enjoyment when playing a game, but Vermintide 2 made me do so, several times. But that’s where the problems start coming into play. The good for sure outweighs the bad, no doubt. But holy crap is there a lot of bad right now. I won’t go into too much detail seeing as most of the issues right now are pretty well known and pretty well discussed amongst the community. The UI, crafting, balance, inventory management, bugs ETC. I almost wish they went for the 28th of March for release, it’s the day everyone was already expecting and I think the extra month of crunch time could pay dividends.

Who knows. Maybe they’ll really wow us with how much work they’ve gotten done between February 28th and March 8th, but I’m not getting my hopes up. Only reason I’m worried is because I love the game so much and really want it to be outstanding.



Not a single game released without a single bug.
However, there is a kilometre long list of current bugs and yet we haven’t seen a patch for some days.
Nevertheless, I’m more worried about current balance of professions, UI/UX and other such things, because it is affecting player experience directly.
I’m no expert, but in my opinion, fatshark should give us a pre-release with all maps, refined UI and most annoying bugs fixed. This would save a lot of dev’s and new player’s nerves.

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Ubisoft and they NEVER fix any of their game breaking bugs.

Just be thankful that FatShark is trying to fix as many bug/glitches as they can.


I’m more worried about game breaking bugs, like the inventory crash issue. Vermintide 1’s balance was also fixed after release due to feedback. But a player unable to play a character due to a bug… This is a relatively common issue in the Beta. Imagine what can happen upon release…

This wasn’t a whine/complain, just a fact, it is completely normal.

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No, i dont think that the game will fix itself because it reached the launch date. and to me the game has already launched effectively.

I only hope that the maps that we dont know, has a more polished feel than the ones that they added in this beta.

Thanks to this pre-order beta I think they can afford to wait a few more days without any bad consequences.
I mean we here have nothing bad to say about it and the wait will be seen as the developers wanting a good release.

The beta players will say it’s good and anyone who want to play it now can just buy it and jump in. All in all waiting a few days for but fixes will be a win win for all.

Honestly, balance will be an ongoing thing that they will work on. Fatshark has been good about this in the past. For now I feel they should focus mostly on stability and game breaking issues. We know balance will come in time… the main issue is there seems to be a very loud number of people who think balance is only reflected by damage numbers and kill count, ignorant that defensive oriented careers can be strong without having those numbers… but the game doesn’t track attacks blocked or enemies shoved or damage avoided so I’m sure there will be plenty of complaining for a while :neutral_face:

Either way, I trust the designers to make informed decisions and continue to polish this already fun game.

I’ll enjoy the game either way,but I don’t expect it to be polished judging by the state it’s in the beta. From technical issues, through awful UI experience(inventory/crafting) to minor things such as a fair amount of typos(anyone else noticed the “THe” in warcamp mission description loading screen?) or world textures disappearing in certain places. I just don’t see how all that could be fixed in 8 days.

The only possibility that we’ll receive a polished product is if the beta build is older than what they were working on during the beta phase(making the beta feedback more focused on gameplay and online experience).

If it’s not the case then I really wonder how broken the game will be with additional features such as keep customization and cosmetic items for characters.
I’m 100% sure there will be a LOT of map specific bugs.Some will probably prevent players from finishing missions.

Like I said,I’ll still enjoy the game, but I’ll still feel disappointed if it’s released in a state that resembles the beta. Why not give it a few more months instead of pushing it as a rush job?

I get that it’ll all be fixed at some point, but I still think it’s not fair to release a game that isn’t quite finished.

but this is all just speculation, and I sincerely hope the release version will surprise me.

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Well, what are everyones first impressions?

I’m very happy with the current state of the game. Fatshark did a nice job :slight_smile:

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from what I’ve been reading so far… I’ve gone from being excited to fire the game up to debating just uninstalling it… the adjustment to damage stacking was a good thing… but from everything I’ve read so far about what they did to all the careers, and some in particular… I just…no… I’m not sure if I’m going to boot it up anytime soon now… I might in the vain hope that people are just full of crap about a lot of it… but…I don’t know. I’m disappointed if much of it is accurate.

I’m kinda pissed that the “extract illusion instead of upgrading” bug is still in the game. Maybe it’s only 20 scrap going to waste,but it’s still 20 scrap. Besides,illusions still have <default_illusion_name> names when you hover over them…It’s like I expected,lacks a lot of polish.

Not polished just as i tought it would be. most of the new maps has errors on horde spawn, chaos warriors walking through air and things like that. It seems that illusions problems are still in. The damage stack overhaul feels underwhelming, nerfs seems badly tought (tough the lesser duration of huntsman and no melee is great) and a step in the right direction. The difficulty of champion feels decreased, End act bosses give no extra reward for loot (they really should think on this one).

One thing that i liked is that it feels that friendly fire on champion got stronger, is doing more damage on friends, i enjoy that but it may be just feeling since we have no patchnotes.

The game is great, the maps are great. but the game was not release ready. The alpha with one map and only five classes/characters somehow felt more polished.

the game is great fun, probably the best warhammer game made to date, however it does have plenty of bugs, performance wise and gameplay wise. it may have released a bit too early but it can be fixed. skyrim is still a buggy piece of crap years later anyway so they can easily fix this.

I wouldn’t use Skyrim as a comparison because Bethesda has a tendency to leave the bugfixing and polish to the mod community :sweat_smile:

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