Do the Steam reviews truly reflect current state of the game?

I would say the current Steam reviews aren’t negative enough.

The VT2 Launch felt like a breeze compared to this.

Depends. If you have no stability problems with the game, you can easily enjoy it for few hundred hours, which again depends on your expectations. Don’t expect Vermintide 2 amount of content.

Wait, Hypercharge: Unboxed is a pretty good game if you need something to hold you over until then.

Well, if you dont trust the reviews, trust the devs that just released a statement about the game itself.

Read the open letter, you should know now lol

Depends how many hours you want out of it: as an avid 40k fan, I got more than my money’s worth out of the, as having a brutal and fast paced fps 40k game was worth it. I’ve stopped playing now, but as said previously I did put around 200ish hours into (although a lot of it was with friends). If you want to unload a bolter into a horde of poxwalkers ASAP, or send a charging mutant flying away with a T hammer, then I say it’s worth it. However I’m not sure how many people are still playing, so idk if matchmaking might be an issue, and of course the end game is bad.

The core gameplay is there and it’s the best there is in this genre, and it’s incredibly faithful to the Warhammer 40,000 IP.

The systems outisde of core gameplay just suck, are missing, or incomplete. Stability client-side isn’t good, it has improved since launch, but there’s still a long way to go. It launched in a state where I’d experience multiple crash to desktops in a single gaming session of around 4 hours. Now it’s less frequent and some sessions I won’t experience one at all. Unfortunately server-side performance, which was fine at launch, has noticably gotten worse lately on higher difficulties when larger groups of enemies are spawned in.

Simple answer: yes

At this point in time after the open letter to the community i would say without a doubt the steam reviews are accurate.

Yeh they are fair at the moment.

Yes and no.

  • The game is awesome overall because the core gameplay (the activity you spend 95% of playtime doing) is awesome, and the deepest coop PVE you can find (with the exception of Vermintide 2, which has the advantage of years of polish).
  • However Steam reviews are presented as a “Recommend”, and I wouldn’t actually recommend it to others until crafting is finished.

No, it’s not quite that bad, but it does have issues and I can’t recommend it without a BIG Asterisks. Steam has a binary rating but this game that needs much more nuance.

The core game play is really fun, like VT2 but expanded with more ranged combat and it’s 40k.

The rest is not so great. Crafting is almost half-baked but not quite there yet, more like quarter-baked right now. There’s not a lot of content, and the content is locked behind RNG. You can’t just pick the map you want to play, there’s a RNG mission board. You can’t just pick the equipment you want, you have to get it in an RNG shop. What limited crafting there is, it’s RNG to see what you get.

Some people are having stability issues. The latest experimental branch fixed 99% of my crashing, but plenty of others are still having problems and no one is really sure if it’s going to be a quick fix next patch, or if it’s going to take a lot of trouble shooting and take months. It’s not just one kind of crashing either, there’s a few categories of crashing.

If you’re watching game play and thinking OMG this is amazing, yeah pick it up, but be ready to get a refund if you’re not Wowed in the first 90 minutes. Otherwise, hold off and see how things go after the next set of patches, whenever that happens.

Hope you play at some point, but it’s a rocky game right now. I have faith FS will get it right someday, but honestly I’m guessing 6 months to be something I’m going to be recommending without an Asterisks.

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If you have friends who play, and want to have a fun but extremely buggy “Internet arcade game” then this game might be worth a buy.

I have 300+ hours now. I still play. But I can’t in good conscience recommend this game to most people. Like a lot of people say, the “core” of the game is great, meaning playing missions with friends is fun. But that experience can vary because of some bad bugs and desyncs that utilize server-side hit registration.

Personally, the desyncs are the worst. Because it makes dodging/pushing Pox hounds a game of get-pounced-on-and-die. Crashes luckily only happen to me once in a while. The poor match-making system can make this game unfun.

All that aside, if you have friends who have and play the game it can be fun, and may be worth it just for the good times (like hitting up an arcade for Time Crisis). Beyond that, this game is an incomplete hot mess.

If you look for awesome co-op game to play with friends just buy Deep Rock Galactic or go play Vermintide 2. DRG is staple if what co-op game with rich content and free customization (plus free season passes full of cosmetics and rewards) should be. And Vermintide 2 after so many years is really good game now.

Don’t bother with Darktide.

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This is one of the most ergregios points for me. Fkn crossplay beween STORES? Next they are going to call multiplayer “Player crossplay”.

But yeah, if you want to see a finished product - go somewhere else.
However if you just wanna shoot baddies with reckless abandon and you have a £3k PC with nothing to play - you might eke some hours of enjoyment out of this title.

The problem is: you don’t spend 95% of time killing stuff:
You launch the game - 3-5 minutes at least.
You check the store (you don’t wanna to miss any decent loot, right) - 1-5 minutes at least.
You join the map - 1-2 minutes.
The run - 20-30 minutes average.
The crashes - 1-3 crashes per map on average - 2-6 minutes of loading/reconnecting time. Also, sometimes the map ends while you was reloading your client or the team wipes cause you’re not there.
P.S. Oh yeah, the game also has these “fun” crashes where you have to check the file integrity - you just lost your run and failed your team.

no imho, people are sour and there are things to b e sour at, but core gameplay still shines, but many people are just in a negativity bias.
There has the be criticism for sure, there are bad designed and lacking systems around missions, but still the core game is fun and working at least for me on an older rig with no highend settings. Said HD resolution, no RTX on a GTX 2070 and i7 with 32gb RAM.
And i run the game all fine most of the time. Servers can lag a little sometimes, but this is rarely and mostly on Damnation only or when 4 Psykers unleash a thunderstorm of effects or alike.
With the recent announcements we can hope they fix and complete/ rework some of the out of mission mechanics and to me the game is fine and all i wanted/ expected.

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That part’s on you. I spend probably 10 seconds checking shop before I even launch the game: Darktide Account (so I know if I have to load a specific character).

Apart from that apparently gameplay is 90% of my overall session length:

  • 25.6 sec from double-click icon to character select screen
  • 37.4 sec from character select to Mourningstar
  • 12.7 sec running to the stupid terminal
  • 37.9 sec matchmaking (in this case into an empty match, so the longest possible matchmaking time)
  • 35.6 sec loading the mission (includes intro cinematic where you don’t control your camera)

Then compare those 147 secs with the 1500 secs (25 mins) avg mission length, and you get 90% gameplay time.

But sure, it’s an extra minute per crash if you crash. I think I might not actually have a crash since December honestly (apart from crashing on exit, which happens every time).

So sure, not technically 95%. 90%. Fair enough.

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Its worse that what you see.

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Man, you got a beast of PC prolly.
I got a decent one (RTX 2080ti, SSD, etc) but my m2 can’t beat your stats.
I got 4 character so I gotta switch.
Besides you have to actually inspect and compare the items in the show to understand if it’s an upgrade.
Also, you quite often forget to launch the game after launching launcher, I hate the way you gotta start the game and I’ve been complaining about it for ¬5 years now.