Do a ghost barrel roll

Issue Summary:
This one has been around for a while, but I finally clipped it!


Yeah, it’s fun. I have a clip of this one lying around on the HDD waiting to be edited.

Oh yes. It has been annoying me for quite some time now.
Good Job recording it.

I don’t beleive you see this as host though. It’s like the dummy in the keep, whenever you join someone elses game, it’s vibrating annoyingly in the corner. I found you can take all the dummies and throw them on the steps near the bubble to ear blast everyone else in the keep lol

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I checked it some time ago, and these things never happen when you host. And the sound is so incredibly annoying, that indeed it is an ear blast!

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The word I’ve removed from both posts above just doesn’t need to be used in the forums. That’s why it’s censored. There are much nicer ways to say what you’re trying to say.

Fair enough, never heard anyone say ear blast though. Expanding my vocabulary lol

Honestly I can’t really argue with that. My bad! :sweat_smile:

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