Crowbill hitsound feedback. update 1.5

Unfortunately it still sounds unfinished to me.
Its to the point where whenever I try it out I have to leave mid-match because I just can’t take it. And I really want to use it.

My issues in detail:
This is only when I hit an enemy. especially when I only hit one enemy. sounds fine when I hit environment.
Also sounds fine when I hit the training dolls in the Keep.
Treble is far to noticeable and kinda stings my ears after a while.
It’s too loud compared to other weapons.
Every hit sound sounds the exact same when I hit enemies. “Dot, dot, dot.” “dotdot” when I hit two in in one swing.
It feels like the sound always originates from right by my ears and not where i hit.

Would love to hear a reply concerning the future of the crowbill soundset.

Could there be a placeholder soundset maybe like mix of Pickaxe/spear soundset untill crowbill is more finetuned?
( I understand that you want a unique sound for a unique weapon and copy pasting soundsets to weapons would probably not feel right from a crative standpoint.)

Are you guys happy with the soundset as it is?

are there any other who think this or am I crazy?

Thanks. Love this game so much.
Hope to hear from you.

PS. the fire stab sounds great to me.

I personally really liked the original sound, and don’t understand why it was changed in the first place. It was rather annoying to hear in third-person, but that was because of a bug rather than the sound sample itself. The current sound is just so monotonous and boring. I too hope it gets changed at some point.

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for me the crowbar just goes sielent in some fights, i could not yet figure out exactly when
the hitsound does come back
but from time to time it just stops for me

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