I want the old Crowbill sound back

Who’s with me!?

Personal preference, but this new SFX sounds like digging gravel with a shovel to me. The old unique sound was… unique and lovely, I say!

I almost don’t want to suggest this, but I’d pay for a DLC sound pack to switch it back. ;V


I want to BAN you from this forum.


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Not me…

The old sound was good in first person. For some reason it was too loud in third person ( when other people used it) so it sounded awful then.


In first person it was still a bit too much like someone slapping a wet fish around the rats face, but in third person it was horrifying.

I liked the old crowbill sound when I was Sienna, when someone else was Sienna it was really annoying.


All they needed to do was change the volume.


new sienna’s weapon confirmed


The old sound was kind of more… satisfying. I think that’s the best I can do to describe it. I can kinda see why it was annoying to some, even aside from the volume troubles, and there was a weird aspect to it. The current one sounds too weak, though. Okay, I know that isn’t likely to help the sound designer(s) much, but I can’t describe it any better.

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Yeah, I’m definitely NOT talking about having the non-Sienna players hearing the sound so loudly. That was bad. I liked it when I was playing as Sienna.

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I want the Crowbill to sound like a tin can being pierced. A nice, satisfying crunch.

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