Weird sound like someone breathing to a microphone when starting a map


Haha this one bug is amazing, everytime we launch a map, in the few first seconds before when we can move, we hear a weird sound of someone breathing into a microphone, it’s all new, with your last patch. It does not last more than a few second. It’s always the same sound, constant one, it’s not a player, as it’s happening everytime, with different people.

What the hell is that? A kind of easter egg from Sigmar? I asked friends, they get this too…

(Happening even in solo games, it’s systematic)

Thanks for reading


yeah i have noticed this also, very weird and creepy sounding

Same, nice to read that, though was my pleb microphone :joy:

It’s one of sienna’s weapons weirdly. We thought it was a VOIP bug and chased it for ages during beta, but yeah. Should be fixed in an upcoming patch.


And the weapon is. . . Siennas heavy breathing, her fire lust is getting the better of her.

This weapon may be a crowbill or flamebolt staff

Hello everyone, @Fatshark_Hedge,

I asked a friend, who did not activate VOIP reception, (he set off the microphone sound receiving) He does not hear this sound tho :slight_smile:

OK nice to know, really funny bug by the way.

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