Sienna's crowbill hit sound

Sienna’s hammer wet “plop” sound is unbearable. Heard it today and wished you could play this game effectively with no sound.

Fatshark either introduces visual “attack from the back” indicator, changes the sound or I’m going to kick every Sienna wielding that chaos-infested abomination when I’m hosting.


have to assume its a bug , no one with hearing would do that deliberately


Maybe it’s actually made of wet cloth?
Well, oily. Or they took it from the torch? I know I wanted a torch as weapon. Haven’t gotten the new one yet, though.

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Hi Krator,

Thank you for your feedback.
Could you please help us with a short capture of a gameplay on this ?


Hi, unfortunately at the moment I don’t own this weapon - I’m waiting to buy the new DLC once it gets confirmed new weapons are not superior to existing ones (I’m anti-paid-performance upgrades in VT2). My experience is 100% 3rd person and subjective, but I find the sound chosen too loud and too distinct. It overshadows all other hit sounds, so my ears are constantly tortured by plop plop plop :stuck_out_tongue:

Been using the weapon for awhile now and it’s really unbearable. Change the sound :slight_smile:
It sounds like you are splashing water

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Nah, sounds more like a butcher hacking on some very juicy…meat. Filled with water.

Its really weird sound. I wasnt sure if it really comes from this game when i first heard it.
And yes its very annoying.

I honestly love the sound. Guess I’m weird?


I like what they were going for and I think the sound is almost right.

This. IMO it’s just too pronounced right now. It overpowers other sounds when it should be dull.

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Hello ranGa,

I actually have a different sound issue with the crowbill I wanted to share. video with comments is here:

There’s a tinkling sound that happens when you switch weapons with the crowbill equipped, and I think it would be nice to have it mixed down a bit. It’s noticeable when you switch weapons quickly back and forth, which is something that does occur in gameplay if you’re using a staff up close in addition to melee. It’s very high pitched (triangle I think?) and can be a bit distracting, especially with headphones in.

(P.S. If you still need video of the crowbill attack sound mentioned by the OP I’d be happy to record one, just lmk)

This biggest issue for me is the range/volume at which the audio plays at when someone else is using it. It doesn’t matter if the Sienna is right next to me or if she’s killing rats 10m away, it will still be almost equally loud as if someone was shoving a meat-knife into my ear.


I don’t mind the sound itself, it’s like everything Sienna hits is a coconut. Though as people have mentioned it has issues scaling to environment/distance and sounds the same wherever she is relative to the player.


Range volume issue is fixed and will be available in an upcoming patch.
Also, the sound itself has been tweaked as well.

Thanks for all the feedback.


Yes @xBaron_Samedi .

The tinkling sound is mixed down a bit and will be available in an upcoming patch.


Thank you very much! The idea was great (to sound like a hammer hitting meat and crushing vitals) but it was simply overdone. I’m pretty sure the changes you announced will make the experience better and more immersive for everyone :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply! :slight_smile:

Great news, I hope this upcoming patch will be released soon. It’s so annoying to play with Sienna in your team now, that constant crowbill sound make me mad.

Hi, pyro Burning head is also way too loud compared to other things. Regardless of range its way louder than a bomb exploding right next to you for example. Could you check this out too?


Yes please. Its almost like sound bug.

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