Uh, just got kicked from a game where the host said I was being too noisy as Sienna?

I was playing as Sienna Unchained and I joined a match with a level 30 Kerillian and Salt and about 3 minutes in, Kerillian says, and I quote:

“you know what tastes good”

“when Robin shuts the f*** up”

At that point, I was super confused as I had just left a game with a Kruber who was level 18 and kept calling me and the other 2 teammates idiots. He especially had it out for the Dwarf for using the rifle instead of the Flamethrower. Kept calling him idiot and what not.

Anyway, because I was so confused, I typed, “am i in the twilight zone”. He then proceeded to kick me, but not before saying “have a nice day Robin”. It was so bizarre.

The pyro burning head sound is stupidly loud and annoying for other players right now. If you were pyro maybe that was the problem.


@OP Perhaps the Crowbill noise?

i dont even know how to get the new weapons so i have none of them

Probably just trolls. The pyros ult is super loud right now, as is the crowbill.

As for them getting mad at the dwarf for not having a flamethrower, I want give that dwari a cookie. Hate that God damn flamethrower. Same for mage, most annoying piece of kit in the game.

aww smoker whats not to love

they take away all vision ,all tempHP and are useless against alot of specials
all the good stuff at once

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While i was playing the pit as a host. A dwarf came in started to insult me for being elf, something about my mother, something about me being an idiot, and then he started to shoot me with drake pistols, till i was dead. I bet it was the same guy, so beware.