DLC Weapon suggestions Kruber - Crow's beak, Sienna - Fire poker

I think a crow’s beak and fire poker would be an interesting addition to Kruber’s and Sienna’s weapons list. Right now, they don’t really have any good dedicated anti-armour weapons like 1 handed axes. The arming sword and mace are both great for hordes of light enemies, but struggle a bit when armour comes into the mix.
A beak could also be unique in that it could act as both a hammer or an axe depening on the swing. The fire poker could even have a key of aqshy as the pokie bit.

Basically I just want Bardin’s axe and shield on Kruber and a couple more toys for Sienna to play with.

Sienna could also use a flaming censer and just a length of glowing hot chain