Disconnected From Xboxlive

This has been posted before but years ago. I have had issues in the previous updates with occasionally getting the disconnected from Xbox live error (despite never losing connection to Xbox live) but with the outcast engineer update I am getting the error about every other game. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern to it, the game will randomly lose connection to xbox live according to the message and send me back to the main menu mid-run. It’s extremely frustrating with its frequency because I can barely get through a full level without it happening. To clarify I do not actually lose connection to Xbox live and this is only an issue with Vermintide and does not occur with any other multiplayer game.

Sorry to hear this :frowning: we are aware of a couple of similar complaints. Regrettably I don’t have any immediate solutions for you other than what’s listed here: [Xbox One & PS4] How to Resolve Most Connectivity Errors – Fatshark but I don’t think that will be of any help in this scenario. We do have a report open in our internal database for these issues, so I’ll add what you’ve posted here to it.

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