Very frequent "Broken Connection" issues (Playstation)

I’ve been replaying Vermintide 2 on the PS5 these past few weeks and I’ve been having so many connection issues with the game. It’s about a 66% chance playing any mission, at any point in the mission, whether it’s a private or public match. I recently played 5 different runs back to back and all of them ended with a “broken connection”. I’ve tried a bunch of different methods to fix it like switching to offline mode then back to online mode, restarting the game, uninstalling then reinstalling, and restarting my internet. I use an Ethernet connection while playing so I have a great connection speed. I don’t remember this happening at all a few years ago on the PS4 so I’m guessing one of the new updates may have caused it or it’s a server issue.

Hi @Forman,

Sorry to hear that - we’re actively monitoring connectivity reports and I’ll pass your report on to the team.

I appreciate you’ve already tried a few things, but it’s worth ensuring you’ve tried all of our potential solutions, here:

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