Still frequent disconnects on Xbox

I am playing the up-to-date version of Vermintide 2 on my Xbox Series X, and lately the disconnects have become more frequent again. Which can be very frustrating if you are 80%-90% into a long (and pleasantly violent :slight_smile: session, and you lose all the progress because of a disconnect.

The disconnects are either of the type where the connection to the host gets lost, of the type where the Vermintide II logo suddenly appears on screen, and you are sent back to the Keep (without any explanation of what happened).

I am connected to the internet via a fast Ethernet cable, and have tried reboots of my router as well as my Xbox, but that didn’t solve anything.

Thanks for the report @AlgernonWasp, we’ll monitor console connectivity reports and look into this.

It may be worth trying steps in this article to see if there’s any improvement:

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