V1 XBOX ONE “Lost Connection to XBox Live”


I know I’m pretty behind but I’m still working my way through Vermintide 1 in preparation for Vermintide 2.

I’ve just attempted to do the Summoner’s Peak level three times and on each occasion the game has crashed during the mission with the errant error message “Lost Connection to XBox Live”, despite the fact that my connection is perfectly fine and the bots I’m playing with can still act normally.

This actually happened as I was about to finish the damned level as well, which you can imagine was mind-numbingly infuriating.

I work pretty hard between a tough job and studying at the same time, I don’t really appreciate getting messed around with by the game that I choose to enjoy what little spare time I get.

Why am I bringing this up when V2 is the new hotness? Well the archive forum has a similar thread for Vermintide 2 on XBox One so I’m fairly certain there is a connection here… And if so it doesn’t sound like my solution lies in moving on the the second game at the moment.

Someone from FatShark posted in that thread a few weeks back looking into it. What’s going on?

Thank you for your time.

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