Disbanding a party at the end of a mission feels feels harmful to the community

The title combined with the effectively non-functional Previous Mission tab in the Social menu, the removal of the combine into strike team option and the ‘social hub’ at times dropping everyone into different hubs makes it really difficult to find new people to consistently play with.

We should not have to rely on third-party tools outside the game to be able to find party-mates in a game that allegedly has social tools.

Was there bad feedback about V1 and V2’s method of keeping people together in the same lobby at the end of a map? Or was this a change necessitated by the design of the ‘social hubs’ where at best your previous team mates might be there for you to invite or technical limitations with the servers, or at worst you’re trying to cycle people to see as many people as possible in the hopes that they’ll have premium cosmetics that will entice you to buy them?


Like in most games with co-op pve like this, people 99% of the time leave after the mission is done. Tbh we can’t really tell most of what other players are doing without a stats screen anyways… But my guess is they just went with what players usually do when making the decision. I personally feel a little awkward at the end of these other games when I just type gg and leave looking for the next match.

This is not my experience. In VT2 it’s very common to find a good player and then just hang around for a few rounds. But yeah, this game is far less social than VT is.


I have very few pug’s that i want to stick with, but yes in this cases i would want that button to indirelectly ask to stay together as a group for further missions.

If nothing else it’s one thing I definitely miss in terms of extra dialogue. It’s super noticeable going back to VT2 and having Lohner babble to you about various things (Lohner yelling at you for chucking target dummies off the cliff will never not make me happy), having different conversations based on your party comp, etc. Keeping parties together/having ship side conversations would go a long way rather than listening to Hadron yell about our LACK OF SUFFICIENT DATA for the 5000000th time.

Not to mention the soullessness of the ship versus the keep in general.


I miss Red Moon Inn a lot more than the keep.


Not allowing blocks at the end is worse.

So is being allowed to votekick someone after boss died.
Then again, I’m sure that’s intended.

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With the social menu, it feels like they were making their own social infrastructure that supports crossplay with Steam and Gamepass… but then gave up.

This part shows how the devs have taken steps back from VT1.

In VT1 you can return to the Inn, start a new random mission or just exit the party or the game
In VT2 the end screen is worse because you are forced to go back to the Keep.
DT is just a RNG fest even there


v1 had it the best, v2 lost maybe 10% of what made premades become friends and DT is at 1%


If possible, I think it would benefit social interaction in-game to exapnd on the hub’s social channels. Have it include a greater number of people to make it possible to create groups for certain challenges or difficulties while in game. A step further would be to expand on the challenges so that you have sub-channels for LFG (possibly separated by a difficulty range).

It really is mind blowing how they just went backwards each time in this area.

Especially on the higher difficulties, having a good party goes a long way.

Maybe you successfully finished a mission, or maybe the party got wiped due to very unlucky circumstances.
Not being able to stick with the group to run an other mission (or in case of a wipe: try again) really sucks.

It is a coop game and it would be nice, if the default was, that everyone loads back into the Mourningstar as a party.
Since Darktide has a shared hub (unlike Vermintide 2) this has no downside. There is no additonal loading screen for anyone, in case they want to leave the party.
If you want to leave, feel free to leave the party without loading screen, and proceed to do your thing.

A scoreboard would likely also help with parties sticking together, when ever people notice, that someone did a good job.

I prefer it as it currently is, as I don’t necessarily want to run straight into another match right after.

As another example, Deep Rock Galactic keeps you in a party once back at the hub, but I immediately disband so I can take stock of new unlocks etc.

Ultimately I just want to do things at my pace.

I’m pretty sure that FS can introduce another loading screen. Or three.

Or maybe they can just make the one that we already have even longer. :smiley:
We have to think about efficiency, here.

Nah, if you think about it, it does not have the proper effect - I mean, doubling or tripling the loading time will allow you to do something else while you wait, and at the moment the waiting time is perfect not to allow you to do anything reasonable. So you want multiple loadings interrupted by the requirement for user to do something, preferably a single click that cannot be automated.