V2 had better way of team comp

Pls make so you stay in same team after game.
Made a few new friends to play with in V2 and if you got with a good team you could keep playing a few maps.
Now you play with new randos every time and if you find a good group thats good and chill you cant really find them again beacuse the “last played with” interface is kinda bad.
My friends that I played 1000+ hours on V2 have moved on from Darktide because of the horrible craftingsystem and got bored of the unrewarding grinding.
And It’s not like you meet new ppl to play with with this system


I actually made a couple good friends in Vermintide that way, who I am still playing with, and it’ll be really cool if Darktide could give me that experience


there was such feature on launch, but it did nothing except to display a button “stay in team” on the summary screen

it was removed later on and never fixed.

i would love to have this feature, along with any other social feature like… being able to see ppl I last played with and invite them to teams

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Well it worked at the begining, then it started to cause a lot of crash, so it was disabled but still present then taken out

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I remember clicking it and it wouldnt ever work. Would just take you back to the hub with noone in your group

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that wad my experience as well, i think it never worked. ive played the game since it went from [cough] early access to [cough] released

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