Difficulty demographics of the current playerbase?

Something I’ve been wondering about…do we have any data on what difficulties the current playerbase prefers to play? I haven’t had any trouble finding pubbies to play Heresy and Damnation with, but I’m curious as to where most of players play. Do most people play in Malice and below? Heresy? Damnation?

I’ve always wondered exactly where most of the playerbase, whose skills lie somewhere between “fresh newbie” and “sweaty master of Darktide”, is and what difficulty they play.


I feel as if once you get your characters to 30, the only reason you’d play below heresy is to fulfill a contract (which AREN’T SHARED BY YOUR OTHER CHARACTER CAUSE OF REASONS WARBLEGARBLE) or a penance, but otherwise there’s no real challenge in Malice and below. Heresy I’d assume you find a lot of 30s, likely for those that are more casual, but outside of that the ‘endgame’ is all damnation, so would assume has most of the still-active players

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FS has that data. Not what people prefer but what they play.

I think that the Veteran diff. was most played in VT2. They did release a chunk of metrics from that game at some point.

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sounds right. I hope they give us the data, it’d be fun. But even if they don’t we can assume the higher tier of difficulty is still a decided minority even if we’re pretty vocal. FS has its work cut out for them trying to balance their changes around their commited players (like me) and the casuals.

We’re hypothetically their evangalist resource to help them crawl back out of the steam score gutter once they get some of their problems resolved, but they also need to have a good game here for more casual players.

looking at achievs 40% have the do one of each mission at uprising
6% have it for heresy

id guess it looks something like
malice and lower- 80%
heresy 10-15%
damnation 5-10%

and if i had to bet id guess a lot less play damnation /heresy

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The problem with looking at the achievos is people might only play for a while then get bored of the game or its problems and stop playing. You’d want stats on who is playing what within the active playerbase which is only like 2,000 peak conurrent players. I dunno what daily unique player count looks like but I’m guessing its something like 15,000 or less. Its small enough in damnation that I rountinely run into people I recognize.

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