Difficulties are not proportionate/consistant

Gonna be playing later on this day maybe we then can get in contact - til then good hunting

i cannot argue against this type of logic. just to put things in perspective, do you completely blame school and parents for the performance of a teenager transitioning into the adult world? after a certain point, the onus has to be on the player to learn the game properly.

yes i agree. it is also largely defined by the other 3 players in your team. one person not knowing what to do can SERIOUSLY screw things up for everyone else.

what you learn from recruit should be stuff like:

  • straying away from your team spells disaster for everyone
  • fighting out in the open will get you poked from all sides
  • each special has audio cues which you can track by sound
  • when bosses are encountered, move into the biggest areas you can find without aggroing other stuff
  • when someone gets incapacitated by specials, there is a big audio cue, so look around and help the guy out asap

if you understand enough about the game, you will be able to figure out who’s doing something wrong at any possible moment. Is the witchhunter just charging forward not waiting for everyone? Is everyone ignoring that incoming packmaster from behind? is the wizard not blasting things from range enough, instead trying to focus on melee?

i love this game because it forces people to learn things by intuition and observation. This doesn’t fit everyone’s style of learning, so it definitely will be the cause of some friction.

i beg to differ, the game design is the same in recruit as in legend. the only difference is that legend throws many many more tough enemies at you, and they hit harder. if you encounter an exact situation (eg. 2 stormvermins coming at you with a packmaster lurking behind) how you engage this situation without taking dmg, should be the same in recruit or legend.

I don’t %100 blame either a school OR the parents for the performance of a teenager transitioning into the adult world, I feel it’s on both parties to help that teenager develop. I agree that I take a lot of the responsibility to better myself to learn the game. But I keep getting squished and not knowing what I did wrong. I don’t stray. I play defensively. It’s hard to remember specific situations, because my short term memory blows.

I do want to come out and say, thank you, to those of you who have helped me with constructive thoughts. I’m trying to take in everything I can to learn to be better. I absolutely love every aspect about this game, short of the (let’s call it learning curve?)

let’s talk specifics! give some examples.

every scenario has a counter in this game, which is what i love about it.

just turned a corner and 2 stormvermin + 3 of those plague rats that are really fast hopped over a fence. i died because i couldn’t push them back enough to get me enough time to swing my damn weapon more than just enough to get 2 of them killed. too many attacks, too fast. destroyed my stamina

I kinda agree with OP, but the biggest problem is probably that veteran is way too easy, which teaches players bad habits. With a bit of know-how and skill you can carry most missions there while just using your team as dying meat shields. But everything falls apart when a group wipes on the first horde on champion, because the overconfident players somehow lose the ability to solo obliterate two hordes with specials and they never learned to stop for a moment to look around. Even if you’re bad at the game you can still brute force your way to easy mode with gear/power alone, which won’t happen on champion.

Players should learn the basics on recruit and not just realise that they should block and dodge on champion.

you need to be dodging backwards multiple times in that scenario to get them to engage your team instead, plague rats dissing your block + SV heavy striking is going to leave you super open to getting smacked down.

dodge away, get out of harms way while blocking, put some distance and then you can pull out range or wind up some heavy strikes in.

that kinda threat is really scary. i would usually use an ult if i’m cornered in that kinda scenario lol

One other issue regarding Veteran’s difficulty is that the lack of Friendly Fire still teaches them bad habits / grouping, and to my knowledge there isn’t anything in-game that prepares them beforehand for the introduction of it going into Champion difficulty.

i was dodging back as much as i could, but i kept getting pinned into uneven terrain and got hit when i tried to see where i was going. team was fighting a troll a bit ahead that had just spawned

The issue you’re describing is what many of us went through during Vermintide 1. The lower difficulties don’t teach you how to play the higher ones. The good thing is that if you just wanna sight see and mindlessly grind they are there for you. The bad news is the difficulty jump is hard.

Also on V1 everyone pretty much chain ran Horn so everyone knew the map inside and out. Quick Play now makes it so people play every map, which can make it slightly harder.

Recruit and even Veteran can teach you that blocking is enough. One person can usually carry the group through a Horde, mini boss, or even near wipe. You don’t realize how important dodging is and because you play for 10, 20, or 30 hours without doing it your muscle memory isn’t there. You don’t have the range of each mob memorized so it’s hard.

I have a friend who is REALLY good at video games. Played a couple different ones competitively, and struggles with this game. Just because you’re good at video games doesn’t mean you’ll naturally pick this one up. Very few games have it where living is more important than killing, even more important than living is not taking damage. That’s why you saw so many of us asking for that stat to be added. It’s the single most important stat when judging if you’re ready to move on.

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ironically it was actually one of the harder maps

middle of swamp = chaos horde, stormfiend, gas rat, leach all at once. got to where it was just me and i held out for about 4 minutes via dodging but there was just nothing i could do. i got it to like 5% hp before it killed me. tonight hasn’t been too bad, most losses have been from other people running off on their own for tomes and not telling anyone OR from situations like the one i mentioned in this reply^

Play and relax, you are rushing, you want to get everything too early. As a Legend player, I can tell you, that champion is easy and every class is viable there. Of course, you can still lose if you are reckless (or game wants you badly to lose :D), but in general, it is easy and viable for every weapon/skill/class. You need to play more, learn, get better.

This is generally impossible in this game because a slave rat with a short sword can apparently hit you from farther away than your halberd reaches lol

I also remember everyone running the barrel/boat map on Cata until that exploit was fixed. I know many people who used this method to gear up so they could run legit Cata’s after that.

Yeah… pretty much assume their reach is farther than you think it is. Some of the mob tracking is inconsistent too. If you dodge a Chaos Warrior’s overhead too soon he’ll keep tracking you and you will still get hit.

Plus sometimes when you knock them down they glitch out and are back up instantly without even going down and smack you in the face before you can react, charge towards you clip through you and hit you from where ever, bosses turn around and hit you within a split second leaving you no time to react at all. Things like these make me hate the game sometimes. Especially if I use Valiant Charge on a CW and they glitch out and punch me in the face a split second later.

This is frustrating for me too. It makes dodging the bosses very difficult.

we just went into a small alley to take care of a skavan horde that just spawned on champion. 2 packmasters come through at the same time and grabbed 2 of the 4 of us. then a troop of stormvermin join the horde from around the corner immediately in front of us. then a leach grabbed one of the remaining 2 while the 2 of us died from packmasters/stormvermin.

sounds like “git gud” to me -_- wtf can we do with that??

ran into a house and a horde came in from both the exit of the house and the entrance, and a stormvermin pack, and 2 marauders.

seriously guys, this game isn’t teaching me anything, i spent 4 minutes trying to block/push/dodge before being overwhelmed.

all 4 of us were grouped up, did what we could be not enough shield breaking in our group i’m pretty sure

i can keep going. grouped on up on the road in against the grain.

round a curve, horde + 3 chaos warriors 2 berserkers 3 marauders

as we’re fighting them 2 leaches spawn tornados splitting us all up and then we wiped

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