Difficult achievements rewarded with Scavenged Weapons!

Hey all! Let me begin by saying im so excited to play this game with all of you! I rewatched the trailed couple of times and realized there are some sick looking maces and and blades that the enemies use. Hear me out.

I know you’re going to call me out for preaching heresy but look at these gorgeous models. Spiked curved blades, medieval looking machetes, wrenches and a chain axe? Sign me up!
The models are there, the animations are there, and the players coming from Vermintide which some of might love to be able to use a primitive/looted/medieval-looking/chaos-influneced weapon straight from the hands of the enemy!

My concept is that it wouldn’t just drop on the ground since it’s not really how things work in this series. The process of earning a weapon parts or a hive city crate with a random weapon in it would be completing a weekly challenge event. Other way is completing a quest chain on a chosen difficulty. Another way is heroic deeds with those fun modifiers that make the game really challenging! Also achievements but personally I like game progression over collecting achievements, I’d leave that for the completionists.

I really believe this would motivate not only hardcore endgame players to focus down on the achievements but make the casual player base play them for fun. This is going to increase the player progression with little to no work to be done while encouraging players to do the challenges and being excited for a drop of a scavenged weapon or scavenged weapon parts. Now that’s how you make players look forward to doing repeatable content.

Hell now that I’m thinking of it maybe you could add weapon blueprints (which you get after completing a milestone previously mentioned) and weapon parts that you can put together since there seems to be weapon customization in Darktide (Not sure, though i’d bet I saw a lasgun without iron sight but with a flashlight attached and then with no flashlight but an optic instead). If crafting is not going to be a part of the game then that’s totally fine. Like I said, weapons can drop without having to craft them.

Here’s some cool weapons I took pictures of from the gameplay trailer. So what do you think guys? How do you like the weapons, would you like to see this crafting system in the game or maybe you’d rather just earn them just like that without any tinkering? Sound off below ^^

Screenshot_763 Screenshot_762 Screenshot_761 Screenshot_760 Screenshot_759 Screenshot_758 Screenshot_757

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