Didn't get the Ravaged Art


First of all I do hope I didn’t miss anything, so here it goes:
Bye completing the Halloween Event I should be rewared with a Ravaged Art, right?

Because I (to this day) didn’t get it. But I certainly completed the Weekly Event.

Kind regards!

Doesn’t look like you completed the weekly event, since the mission was still in your Events section.

Are you sure that you beat the halloween event with the dark wraith following the group from behind?? There’s a weekly event every week, accessible in the map, above the lobby browser button and under the twitch, and during Geheimnisnacht the weekly event was the halloween mode with the wraith and such, completing it rewards the portrait.

Yeah, it may have been ambiguous (not really very much though), but under quests are only weekly quests.
The weekly events, like @KaelusVonSestiaf said, are selectable from the mission selection screen:

Alright there is the problem. Dammit I thought they just meant the Weeklies where you usually get those Bögenhafen Chests… My bad.

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It really sucks that you missed it. The painting is art from Total war: Warhammer 2 featuring Luthor Harkon, it frankly looks dope as hell.
You’re not the only one confused by how it’s presented, however, a ton of people I played with during Geheimnisnacht didn’t even know weekly events existed, much less that that’s what the painting reward was from. Even some of the people that did know the weekly event existed didn’t know that’s where the painting was from.

It feels like something is missing to make the weekly event known to players that weren’t around during A Quiet Drink and checked the events? But at the same time I’m not exactly sure how to advertise that further. Maybe a random daily quest that said ‘complete the weekly event 0/1’ could help raise awareness?

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Sorry you missed it - we understand the presentation isn’t particularly clear and will look in to how we can improve this. <3


I played during “A Quiet Drink”… God dammit!
I sadly never really cared about the Weekly Quests. They just didn’t seem that interesting to me…
Time to check those finally out, I guess.

No worries Julia.
It was just a typical Layer 8 error.

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