Can't Complete Halloween Event

To complete the special Halloween Event and receive Unique Art it says to complete the weekly Boegenhoffen challenge. Well, those weekly challenges stopped showing up for me ever since I acquired all of the Boegenhoffen skins some time ago, so I have no way to acquire the art. Seems weird to punish devoted players by not allowing them to get a unique art. Is this a bug, by design. or an oversight? Or am I missing some alternate method of acquiring the Art?

It’s the Weekly Event challenge. Has nothing to do with Bogenhafen.

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It’s the weekly event like mash said. It’s this thing where this invincible leech follows you around and you slow it down by looking at it. If it gets too close you get the ghost suck.

Gotta admit it took me while as well to figure this out, as I dont usually play the special game modes when they´re out. Waht you have to do is go into your mission select screen and then choose a weekly event mission (bottom tab). You´ll be sorted in a map which you have to beat while a ghost chases your party, and after doing that, you get the reward.

Wow. 900 hours and I’ve never heard/seen these special event modes. No wonder my confusion. Thanks for clearing this up!

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