Weekly Event game mode not properly explained

There’s an astounding amount of people who don’t know that the Weekly Event is a game mode, and very often when there’s a weekly mission or an actual time-limited event that asks to complete the Weekly Event, they do not know what that is and end up confused.
I cannot blame them. Most time-limited events are a week long and come with their own challenges, and the weekly event is just there, almost never touched or seen by most players.

I suggest either:

  • Renaming the Weekly Event game mode to something else (so that everyone who reads about it in any quest or event challenge immediately realizes it’s supposed to be a special challenge mode. Perhaps Weekly Mutator? I can’t think of a good one)
  • Adding a subtext to the quests and event challenges that require completing the Weekly Event to properly explain where to find the Weekly Event (So that, no matter where you find the request to finish the weekly event, you know that it’s a specific game mode you have to enter, and where to find it)

EDIT: Additionally, making the ‘Weekly Event’ button glow during one of these time limited events would probably also help!


i cri evrytiem ;-;
… When I see that Luthor - Art in somebody elses Lobby.

I never made this mistake again.

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How do they not see the “Weekly Event” at the mode select screen?
Do people not read?

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This is common enough that I guess so, the naming is just too similar overall - weekly quests, weekly event, events, event quests…

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Another problem is, that there are too many game-modes aswell…
Deeds/Twitchmode/Weekly are basically the same, just mutators that vary from mission to mission/ between a mission or on a weekly basis, maybe there is a possiblity to compress that someday when deeds get a rework (hopefully) :grin:
To seperate daily/weekly/event challenges is pretty useless aswell imho, it could be merged into one single tab “challenges” and just add a timer to the quest and a filter to sort A-Z/Z-A by time left for completition. Event challenges could get a simple shiny effect.
Just boil down the branched menu into one single tab with graphical seperation and/or better naming of it’s elements.

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