Did you know you can shoot the pistol that comes with Victor's Rapier?

I have 370h in Vermintide 2.
And I’ve spent most of it with the Dwarf, Saltzphyre also had the honor to be used by a goof like me.

And TODAY I finally found out that you can shoot that god damn pistol that comes with the Rapier.
It does not much damage, probably oneshots legend trash enemies and does no Armor Piercing but still.

You have UNLIMITED Ammo.

I wonder if I blew some minds on this forum or am I really the only goof around here.
It was nowhere written tho. I was rebinding my dodge key away from Space (Finally after 370h) and found the funny “Use Weapon/Special”. Apparently the only thing this key does is shooting this pistol AND zooming in further with Way Watcher’s Bows.

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Yeah, it’s pretty damn obscure. I had found a binding for Weapon Special at some point and then just forgot about it, even though I like Rapier xD

Documenting and explaining stuff like this in-game isn’t really Fatshark’s forte.

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The problem in my view is that you find out about the Weapon Special button only if you start looking through keybindings or or fool around a lot on specific characters and/or weapons. In addition to the Rapier’s pistol, its used by Waystalker to zoom her bows, by Huntsman during his Career Skill to zoom and to discard the Torch in Blightreaper - very few situations, with questionable usefulness in some. That makes it not only hard to figure out, but even harder to learn to use effectively.

We need more uses for that button.


Let’s collect some ideas:
Maybe Zooming for the Ranger Vet.
Some sort of push (another one!) for the Krub Soldier

It probably should be things that stay a bit in the background and dont get much focus.

Graker shoot both barrels at once. Buttstroke on handgun, pistol whip on BoP. Gore attack with drakefire weapons that deals damage based on overcharge. Perform push attack from block without having to push. Additional attacks with Sienna’s staffs. Sienna setting her melee weapons on fire for a short period of time at the cost of overcharge. Underhand bombthrow that rolls the bomb over the floor, making it explode after a certain time/distance. Set explosive/lamp oil barrel on fire while carrying it.


Nice, dude.

Can we agree, as a community, to bring this topic up at least once a year? I remember reading something about this when the game released but I consistently find people who have no idea what the “alternative fire” button does. Recurrent PSAs seem to be the best way to inform the new players of hidden features :slight_smile:

Btw, the rapier pistol might not do a lot of damage. But with WHC passives, you can 1 shot any man sized enemy on a critical head shot. Also, it staggers mobs like SV and even specials like ratling gunners so you can close the distance. Also, you can fire the pistol while blocking, which syncs with WHC not having his block broken by light attacks.

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