Rapier pistol nerf

im glad i can block after shooting me pistol now. but i lost the ability to spam the pistol and regular attack. it was the best way to dps bosses. can we please have it back. theres nothing wrong with having another layer of game play. call it a high skill cap ceiling :o!

this is where fat shark replies with “ok :D!”

PS: i still cannot open boxes :frowning:

I actually think that the block still comes far to late. I’m ok that you can no longer shoot the pistol in higher frequency than intended but it would be great if it was to be made more agile:

  • Remove the waiting time after the shot completely
  • Maybe make the pistol disrupt some attacks like block does.

i mean in v1, the “block while rezzing” was not intended either, but fatshark kept it and actually integrated it into v2. why can’t the rapid pistol firing be the same thing.
it was really useful because it staggers gas rat, fire rat, it 2 shots uhm… those big chaos guy (the one below cw, i think they’re called mauler or something).

it does more dmg than the charged attack and you can attack faster with it so you do far more dps to stuff that you can damage (enemies with no armour). so the charged attack still have a place (2 quick charged attack killes all sv types, including flame rat and rattling). pistol rapid fire definitely has its uses. but now it is gone. and i’m sad :c

i need to mention that having this rapid fire is definitely not over powered. because you really need to be in melee range and weave it with light attacks. its actual dps is indeed higher than just spamming charged attack, but it is not high dps. i guess what i’m saying is having this play style is not gonna suddently make every1 roll rapier over night. it’s not going to let people just faceroll everything.

It 3 shots maulers if you buff it (0.75 dmg missing) and staggers them even during overhead, that’s what
I use it the most for and where I think it would shine more if you were actually able to use the pistol occasionally in between blocks and slashes without leaving you open for 0.5s.

On headshot with 40% so quite an investment (they buffed sv from 33 to 39 hp at some point)
You might have measured this with deatknell in that case try 10% and fully charge the headshot.

Well it wasn’t op but not intended and a strange mechanic.

i should mention that i only use the rapier on whc. im pretty sure i’ve killed maulers with 2 shots because i do light attacks in between as well. i use deathknell talent so i dont think that counts as a investment. i think my rapier has +crit chance and +dmg vs chaos. as to odd mechanics, i dont think it is that strange. if u look at it, all it offers is more damage against non armor type and you get this more damage by doing something extra. is that really that strange?

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