Would it be possible to improve the controls around rapier pistol?

I really like the rapier pistol light attack cancel sequence, but it feels a bit clumsy to use because it seems to require very accurate timing to not mess up and be semi-locked in to an animation you don’t want.

Ideally a change would enable each melee attack to override the pistol shot, just like the QQ quick switch, which can even cancel it before you fire, so you don’t do damage. But a bit larger window to press each button would do too I guess.

Finally it might also be cool if you could:

  1. cancel the shooting animation with a block
  2. fire while holding down the block button, but the shot would release the blocking stance (I’ve seen people suggest firing the pistol while actively blocking, but imo that would feel a bit to strong without implementing additional limitations like a cooldown mechanic, which would make it unnecessarily complicated)

Anything to make it less clunky. I want to use it because it’s not useless in close combat, esspecially nice versus maulers to shoot them in the gut but you can’t block for a solid second after shooting so you have to perform an attack and cancel that one into block which is jank as hell.