Rapier Pistol: post-shot melee/block cooldown breaks weapon flow

You can say a lot of things about the Rapier Pistol and argue about how good it is in the current state. You could say that it’s underpowered, useless, needs to regain limited ammo and act just like a real one from BoP. You could say that it’s still good and usable. This thread is not about that: it’s about a technical issue.

After you use your rapier pistol, there is a window during which you cannot block. This window both feels and is too long. It doesn’t make much sense for it to be there either as you can attack immediately after this attack, but not block. As a matter of fact, attacking and then blocking allows one to block faster than if one would simply wait out the arbitrary delay after shooting.

This issue breaks the flow of the Rapier and discourages players from even trying to incorporate the pistol into their combat repertoire.

That block delay has to go.