Developer Update - 6 November 2020


Greetings from Stockholm, winter is coming as the days get shorter and the weather shifts. Most Sharks are still working from home with the comfort of their pets, partners and PCs/laptops.

Hopefully you all got your hands on the Anniversary Hat last week and enjoyed a merry jaunt around the streets of Helmgart in search of a good brew! Geheimnisnacht will be coming to an end this coming weekend so it’s the last chance to catch the city under the influence of Mannslieb and Morrslieb at their fattest.

Community Challenge: 555,555,555

It was a stunning, messy display! But you actually did it. The tally at the time the counter was switched off was a glorious 596,242,712, earning everyone two weekends of Triple XP!

We discussed this internally and have decided we’ll attach these two bonus weekends into a 10 day Triple XP Event bonanza , starting right now!

Winds of Magic: Season 4

Season 3 is drawing to a close, and with it comes the leaderboard freeze. On November 8th the leaderboards will be frozen and the Season will end. Season 4 will begin on December 8th . Frames will be available for earning until the start of the new Season.

Heads up: we’re clarifying the definition of a Season.

Previously, a Season was expected to come with a larger release of content and game changes. Upon reflection, we never really defined what a season was. The only consistent feature of a Season was the reset of Winds of Magic leaderboards, a reshuffle of the Weaves and fresh Portrait Frames for Weave challenges. Going forward, this will be the definition of a Season.

What this means is that is not all Seasons will come with a larger content drop. This isn’t a bad thing . What it does afford us is the ability to be more flexible with content releases whilst not disturbing the rolling of the Seasons. It allows us to release content when it’s ready - which works both ways. We don’t need to hold ready content for an upcoming Season, and we don’t need to rush/cut down unfinished content to make it in time for a Season.

In the Community

Over on Vermintide subreddit, the admins and moderators have been hosting an Umgak Cosplay Contest ! The entries for this come to a close tomorrow, so if you’ve got some umgak around your home to throw on and best represent something from Vermintide, be sure to get in there quick and be in with a chance at a pretty unique prize!

Also on reddit, over the past few months, we’ve seen some absolutely amazing screenshots put together by user ‘Just-a-turtle’.

“The shadows hide me.”

“A Grail Knight… A saint amongst men, a warrior beyond compare who had slain great monsters, fought in wars beyond number, vanquished the most dreaded of foes and who had been granted powers beyond the ken of mere mortals.”

“Come! Despoilers! I shall end thee!”

It’s hard to pick and highlight a selection as they’re all great, so basically check out their submissions at the link below to feast your eyes on the beautiful compositions they’ve been hard creating!


Really like how you’ve given some space in the post to highlight community contributions, that’s really nice to see.

It’s really good to have this definition clarified, but I have to ask. Should we take this to mean that we shouldn’t expect much of a patch/content drop for the start of season 4? Is there anything planned at this point to drop before end of the year? No complaints if not, would just be good to know.

An official word on things like deed/crafting rework would also be pretty welcome. I don’t think anybody is expecting to them to be dropping soon, but “it’s on the backburner” is basically all we’ve heard about them in a long time. Perhaps crafting rework has dropped in priority since the reroll improvements, but at the moment we just don’t really know much other than Chaos Wastes and new Bardin career being the next things on the horizon.

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Thank you. Good change for players that cannot play in weekends. Honestly happy you guys considered this.

Also very good in my opinion. Allows you to spread out releases more.

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The plan is to have content out prior to Season 4, but if it needs a bit more spit and polish we can do that without having to delay the roll of the seasons. It is easy to think that this is a way for us to just deliver less, but it honestly is a way for us to deliver without having to move Seasonal dates.


@Fatshark_Hedge That’s good to know. I agree it’s a good idea to be free to release content anytime (I’m not a fan of the season concept overall).
But I’d like to ask, is there any chance we’ll be able to play past weave challenges? Or at least not to have our weave progression reset at the beginning of a season? I don’t care about the leaderboards, but for completionism purposes I’d one day like to try to do weaves 40-120, provided they are fun and not a slog. My issue is that I’m afraid 3 months are not enough time to do it, expecially because the players I have most fun playing with can play quite less than I can, and so for them it’s impossible to even attempt it. I wouldn’t mind if it took us a few years to get there, but as it is, we don’t have the option.
Thank you for any reply.

Thank you, that’s great to hear. Really appreciate the clarification here.

I don’t think we will get of the reset considering the leaderboards and the minor rewards tied to it. But playing past Weaves is something they should consider even if it is only possible in a strictly private manner. The main question that is to be answered is if past Weaves are deleted from the files?
If not, as it currently stands most of the Weave maps are used repeatedly so the only thing which would have to be provided is the positioning of the enemies.

As far as i know, the map + spawn positions (script) stays the same. They only shuffle the wind modifiers around (which can make some weaves more difficult or easier, depending.

Also one of the reasons i don’t really play them anymore. S2 was just the same enemy spawns, and once played you kinda rush trough them and know what to expect. The fun for me was mostly strategising, and shuffleing winds still kinda provides the need to find new strats on some weaves, but mostly it doesn’t. Curious to see what will happen once every weave got every wind modifier atleast once.

Small note though. They do change some scripts between seasons to be less frustratring or more challenging.
Source : I’ve done all seasons

Are the scripts actually changed? I mean, sure, they reshuffle winds+maps/spawns, with some minor changes to the winds mechanics/balance the last time, but it didn’t felt like the enemy spawns were different, same numbers/order as last seasons as far as I can tell.
Anyways, I would like to see some new/reworked maps in future seasons. Imho a new season should feel fresh and offer smth new and not just like a “restart”, it shouldn’t be like “Groundhog Day”, doing the same sh!t over and over again with minimum difference.
And with fresh I mean not just painted in a different color like

That’s why I’m not really happy with the definition given above.

Yeah, they did change some stuff about spawns as well (to balance accordingly). Not a lot, but some scripts and spawned did change (I don’t speak about the changes to the winds)