The next new coming ranged weapon for Saltzpyre: Duck Foot Pistol

Why do you think that?

Just because you might not like Versus doesn’t mean other people will not like it. I personally feel like PvP would actually bring more people into the Vermintide universe and keep the game going for years to come. It doesn’t matter if Versus is a stand alone game, if the new players like Versus then they might actually buy the base game. That’s more people. More people means more games means more future content and support.

I don’t understand how anyone could be against that…

I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to play Versus because I haven’t played PvP games in a long time but you can’t say whether or not it’s a waste of resources BEFORE anyone can even test it. That’s like telling everyone to not buy the new iPhone before it releases because you think it’s a waste of resources. (FYI I do not like iPhones but I swear one comes out every 2 years lol).

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How did you extrapolate that from this:

I am genuinly curious how your mind works, because I see this behaviour all too much.

I really hope that this will be a separate, stand alone game - because I definitely won’t play PvP, BUT it will be possible to buy it much later, with a big discount on the sale - just for the collection of my Warhammer games. Especially if owning it will give some kind of bonus to the basic V2, like skins, frames, hats etc.

Apology for the offtopic.

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If the information in the FAQ is still accurate, It’s more likely to be the other way around.

Versus is a standalone game mode. Whilst players who own Vermintide 2 might get some special unlocks in Versus , there is no deeper crossover between the two titles.

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No worries! I do believe Versus will be a standalone game. I was just making a point that it wouldn’t matter if it is or not if it means it’ll bring in more people to the base game as well :smiley:

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Well, it could be cool. But I really struggle to see a good outcome too, esp. with an eye on how weaves are handled. FS made a statement lately that pretty much sounded like “better expect no big changes or additions anymore” (aka we abandoned this and only do minimum work to not break any promises). Btw. season 3 frames were already recolors of season 1… :expressionless:

Well, that doesn’t mean that Versus will be treated like that aswell, but every game mode needs constant support and actual content updates to keep it alive and running, esp. if it’s a PvP game mode. I just say: Balancing, Rewards, Hosting… those are 3 crucial points for succesfull PvP game imo, those I wouldn’t consider a strength of FS. But hey, hope dies last and even if FS has some major weak points they are also good for a nice surprise every now and then :grin:

There’s a larger conversation to be had about this and other related subjects but that’s for another time.

As for why I think that? Simple. I view Versus the same as I view weaves. Both come at the expense of normal content. If those studio resources would be or would have been going to Darktide instead, my stance still doesn’t change.

There’s nothing wrong with weaves and I get that there are a handful of people that enjoy them the same as there are probably gonna be people that will enjoy the heck out of Versus and as you said, might very well get into V2 as a result. I’d still trade weaves in their entirety for two maps. Maybe I’m being selfish but I consider the core experience to be number one.

But, it doesn’t. Fatshark has been hiring people every quarter and plan on hiring more people early next year. They have separate teams that work on different aspects of the game.

There’s even a separate team for the console version of the game.

Where are you getting your information that Fatshark is taking resources from the main V2 game?

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It is seemingly an assumption based on the speed which FS is developing content, “They must have everyone working on Darktide/Versus because where are the new maps” etc.

Pretty baseless considering FS themselves have stated they have separate teams and are hiring more people like you said, but I’m not sure how FS can prove themselves to these players at this point

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Make a documentary, present everyone and explain what they like, if they read the forum/reddit (what they are working on) ?

They were doing dev blogs for a while, they stopped (presumably) because a lot of responses to the blogs were, “This is nothing, where is the content,” which I am guilty of too but yeah. I don’t think you can appease everyone in this community no matter what.

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Well, I mean, it takes time to develop, create, test, and retest content. It’s not like FS is making soap.

I think that FS did say sometime between V1 and V2 that the map packs weren’t generating enough income for them which is why they went with premium cosmetics and a unique game mode like Winds of Magic. Obviously, WoM didn’t work out well but at least they tried something different.


It’s a shame it wasn’t enough income. I’d gladly pay higher prices for more maps though I suppose most wouldn’t.

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Hah, I love this thread:

“There is this weapon we only have seen an image of. BUT I think it will be to weak (and totally should be buffed to nuke away at least five Chaos Warriors per barrel)”


Okri, Please!
Try not to forget it’s a video game
The way it looks and performs might very.
Maybe it’s a shotty, maybe it’s ricochet rail-gun, maybe it buffs party members with blessed Sigmar salt…

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were awesome!

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I understand you are upset but the things you said are a little extreme

Please be the bigger person

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I’m tired to being a damn punch bag. I’m a person too, a human that has an emotion.

I am only mirroring that you are literally asking for a buff for a weapon which is not yet released.

I have no sympathy for you continuously trying to ruin the game by asking for power creep. If you can not take criticism in any form (especially in such a light form, and especially since i didnt say something about you but the thread) then you should maybe refrain from using a forum.

I have also no sympathy for you wishing death to ANY person. You had to chance to react in a civilized manner. You had to chance to bring in constructive criticism. You have decided against both of it. The fault lies within you. Accept it.

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