Classic double barreled shotgun for Saltzpyre

I looked at this, and I though that it would be amazing if Saltzpyre would have classic double barreled shotgun (with medium barrel length, like in Killing Floor or Doom).

Bardin already have it (except vertical barreled), so weapon as class is already exists.
Bounty Hunter have talent for reduced ranged spread.
Add to this ability to shoot from both barrels at once and it will be exellent weapon for Bounty Hunter.


Yea, that’s a GOOD Idea

Duck Foot guns do exist in the empire.

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This or a Hochland Longrifle (Sniper) would be good additions. Just in case you run out of ideas again Fatshark and decide to add really immersion breaking lame ones again. :wink:


yes pls.

I second this with all my heart.

Why would you need longrifle? For what, realy? Range advantage that you can’t use due to a small distance between you and your enemy. Nobody’s using a regular rifle, but you lot keep asking for long one.


Well it would be his handgun basically and that’s also why it wouldn’t make sense on Kruber.
It’s strange but I can recall lot’s of people using handguns on Kruber and Bardin.


We can compare crossbow to a rifle. Crossbow and oneshoot every enemy (exept for bosses, maulers and CW), crossbow can kill multiple enemies just by shothing through them (unlike rifle), crossbow reloads faster (a lot faster). So why would you need a rifle, esspecialy a long one?


Good points but the point mainly is: Rater this than some uninspired dual wielding.


Handgun have penetration to 3 enemies from what i remember (xbow to 5) only advantage is possibility to delete shieldvermins and oneshotting stormvermin without headshots but overall xbow is way better in every category.
Overall I dont think Saltz need shotgun type of weapon (I like that some characters dont have same type of weapons, we dont need 4th shotgun rly )

And what do you think we need then?

Crossbow can be geared to do that, too (and at least to me, is the most preferable setup).

On legends? I dont thinks so you need atleast 43% to oneshot it

You’ll oneshot Stormvermin with 20% vs Skaven & Armor on Crossbow and charm without headshots.

Oh then its calculated differently, my bad

Yes. On BH, you could also go for a Hunter build and just go for skaven and armour damage on xbow.

We might need it when they implement ungor archers, or if they decide to implement warplock jezzails .

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I want the ak-47 back for kruber, lol. Never forgot the first time I saw a hunter kruber walk in the room and annihilate the chaos spawn with his handgun firing at 800 rounds per minute. What a beautiful sight, i still get flashbacks… he’s the hero we need.

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