New weapon for Saltzprye/Kruber

its called the Hochland Long Rifle its in the lore its used by the empire and its an honest to god sniper rifle that looks awesome plus it would be the only weapon ingame with a scope theres also a 2nd version of the repeater pistol thats smaller it has less range and only 3 barrels instead of 8 but can be used one handed allowing for melee weapon with it. ps a great new weapon for kruber would be the outrider’s grenade launcher or the 4 barrel duck foot pistol both of which are in the lore

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Take a breath dude.

Tbh I think it is a great idea, albeit it would be a pain in the ass to balance.

If you haven’t read the lore, here is Leon Todmeister’s Fantabulously Far-reaching Harquebus of Unforseeable and Unperceived Bereavement in its glory:

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