Deeds too difficult

The valor deed as the upload is way too hard, that would take like 2hrs succesfully to complete and to even mention the spesific items for each party member, as the game is now it takes maximum of 20 minutes per champion level with full tomes/grims. Theres no way we’d ever do this even if like challenge. This is just hitting our head in the wall without any rewards. 2 empirors are not even close to even try this.

3rd edit: We dont even know if we can try this again or is it try once type of thing.

4th edit: TL:DR we’d try this after we have cleaned whole legend like after 150h hours of gameplay, thats how insane this deed is. Thanks for the awesome game anyways.

5th edit: For some sweet hats, we’d do anything.

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That seems harsh, I mean, specials already spawn 3 at a time normally. Oh, and Legend-level elites huh? I wonder if heroic deed modifiers affect bosses.

didnt they say in stream that heroic deeds stay until cleared?so its not just once,you do it until u clear it

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Thanks for the info, didnt watch the whole stream or didn’t pay attention to everything.

how did you even get this? im power level 600 on 3 heroes and its giving me recuit deeds and not refreshing after finishing them.

Would you mind posting a Screenshot of your power level here? I can barely scratch 500 would be nice to see a pic of it.

Just keep opening boxes it slows dramatically post 200 items, I went from 230-300 today but only because I opened close to 100 commendation boxes.

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This was before opening the rest of my boxes, im at work currently so its the only one I have on hand, but as you can see its close to 600 already.

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Been playing a lot of champ I’m lvl 30 and getting commend boxes/loot boxes that are generals and emperors but get small increments like 1 or 2 PL sometimes even lower PL than my already equipped items. Just wanted to see a pic for motivation to play more. Hopefully if anyone reads this post they will show me a screenshot of a PL that is 550 or 600.

EDIT: thanks! Wow i must have the worst luck i currently have only 510 PL. Good job man.

I just posted 2

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Can you give any tips? Does difficulty matter? Does the lootbox level matter like general or emp? Havent had a lot of time to play lately because of work. Should i just grind levels and focus on commendation boxes? OR stick to playing champ like im already doing.

generals and emps seemed to have a bigger impact but I have no real evidence aside from personal experience to support this, also opening on more than one hero seemed to jump it faster but also I have no substantial evidence.

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I have yet to even get a deed. Am I doing something wrong? Or not doing something I should do?

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