Dear Fatshark, Your Bots

…Are worthless on Legend.


Idk what you’re talking about, IB and Unchained are better than 80% of the players. And also bot IB uses ult.

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Thats extremely sad and true but even if a handfull of sand will always be a better meal than a glowing knife shoved down ones throat, its still not sufficent to feed the starving.

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Choosing the right careers and equipment for them helps their survivability (and helpfulness) enormously, even on Legend.

Go for the tankier careers, generally, though Kerillian is still under testing on my group for that. Knight Kruber, IB Bardin and Unchained Sienna are all tough enough to survive (and the two former ones can actually somewhat utilize their Career skills too).

For melee weapons you’ll want something at least somewhat defensive but balanced; dodging isn’t generally the bots’ strong point. Shields for Bardin and Kruber are good, but Kruber seemed to work quite well with Exec Sword too (and he can do much more damage with it to enemies to boot). Kerillian bot has travelled with us with Two-handed Sword lately, but it remains to be seen if that’s good enough to keep Waystalker alive. I haven’t noted (and neither has my friend who generally hosts and thus equips the bots, to my knowledge) what melee weapon would be best for Sienna bot, but I suspect Sword would be a good assumption.

On ranged, any strong and accurate weapon will do, as bots are very good snipers no matter the career: Handgun, Crossbow, Longbow, Bolt Staff. Pyro’s and WS’s Career skills would be very useful, but we haven’t found out a suitable melee weapon to keep either one alive yet. Testing continues.

On another note on the topic, there already are two mods (the last I checked) to improve bots, one for Item handling and one for combat. It remains to be seen whether these get approved for Official Realm use.

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sienna unchained seems to favour melee over ranged, and will pile in and block a lot to reduce overcharge. Do not give Sienna Bot a dagger :frowning:

You must have played with some really bad players. Maybe I’m lucky.

Better nerf their dodge-dancing right? That said I hope a sanctioned mod will somewhat alleviate it, even if it ends up having to be a ‘‘lite-version’’ of said mod. I’m not someone that will generally play with bots or play when i cant get real people in 3/4 slots but I can sympathize with people that speedrun or just wanna do a solo run with bots. etc.

I find they do okay until the going gets tough; they can’t deal with a horde and a boss, for example. They can kite that boss well (except for Chaos Spawn), but they will ignore the horde to attack it and take tons of damage.

Also, Kerillian seems to take a ton of damage as a bot. Not sure why.

Usualy they do OK unless you face 3 CW and some other trash at the same time also most of the time you will lose if a boss spawn in a bad spot (tunnels etc…). I used to farm Rightous Stand with bots but nowadays it s almost impossible and very frustrating…