Help with Waystalker Kerillian bot

I’ve been playing for 2 weeks now, got the game and a bunch of DLC

Currently I’m playing on Champion difficulty and Kerillian seems to be the weakest in the team

She is level 26, Bardin Ironbreaker and Victor Witch Hunter are level 20 and both of them do just fine, Kerillian is always dying. I play Markus Grail Knight, level 35

I want to keep her on the team for 3 reasons:
Passive that regens everybody to half health
Sniping capabilities
Carrer ability

Her gear and talents


3.4% Attack speed
24% Block cost reduction

8.5% Power vs infantry
10% Power vs skaven

19% Health
30% Block cost reduction

9% Power vs chaos
8% Power vs armoured

5% Crit chance (or curse resist 33%)
30% Stamina recovery

5 - Dryad’s thirst
10 - Blood shot
15 - Assassin
20 - Rejuvenating Locus
25 - Asrai focus
30 -

I’m still leveling the characters and making items, only got the two trinkets with max stats and my goal is to get them all to level 35 and start Legend, but I fear she will be a burden more than anything there

If anyone has any advice on how to improve her bot, please share
I know people do Cataclysm with bots and I’ll probably just play with bots

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Sister of The Thorn is the best bot in the game in terms of damage.

Waystalker, Handmaiden and Shade are all really bad. You can change your bot priority in the options menu.

Merc, Ironbreaker, Unchained, SoTT and Warrior Priest are best.

It doesn’t matter how heavily you optimize bots, they’ll still die to like 1 clan rat.

Yeah, unfortunately Waystalker is just too squishy to be a good bot.

I’ve had a lot of success with this guide:

running with Iron Breaker, Unchained, SotT or Mercenary (in this order) as bots. Haven’t tried WP yet.

The passive healing seems like a good idea but Unchained with Bomb Balm/Merc with his ult and SotT with passive heal increase give you more HP (and be it temp hp) than Waystalker really could. And they are not as squishy and can snipe well enough (except Flamers/rattlings and leeches targeting them for whatever reason. But that’s just bots in general.)

It doesn’t matter how heavily you optimize bots, they’ll still die to like 1 clan rat.

If I really want a win on legend I play a bosskiller and take my bots before jumping in qp. Make of that what you will.

I’ll follow this guide, thank you

Do you have anything to add to the builds from the guide from personal experience?

Only thing really is that i find the tankier bots the best. Merc gives good utility but seems too squishy. That’s why I like to play as BH or GK and have Iron Breaker/Unchained and SotT as bots. All of them can be trusted with a Grim (I don’t like giving Merc one) and they survive pretty good.

That’s all for legend btw. I use them mostly to do full book runs. I haven’t played much Cata with bots.

But as Kitten said: Maybe WP is a good addition so you could also play Kerillian and have IB/UC and WP as bots. But I haven’t tested that yet.

SotT is one DLC I don’t have, so I’ll level all bots to 25 and try Merc, Iron Breaker and Unchained

Play as Kerillian Shade for boss killing, leveled her up with this carrer and bosses melted with the backstabs and the volley crossbow

After some book runs on champion, I’ll give feedback

WP is a good bot because he never uses his ult on himself, he’ll always throw it at you whenever it’s off cooldown and there’s a couple enemies around. Since bots can’t use most ults effectively anyway this is actually useful. He doesn’t die either, and his weapons are simple enough the AI can make use of them without the combat improvements mod.

SoTT bot is the best elf bot not just from her leeched healing keeping her alive where other elves crumble, but also because her ult isn’t treated as a range attack by the AI. So she’ll go after any specials or elites that end up in range of Bloodrazor Thicket the second she’s able, you’ll routinely see her impale gutter runners mid air with it. She can also target through walls with it.

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