Which weapons do bots use most effectively?

When running solo+bots they often do stupid stuff and don’t use their weapons properly (I’m looking at you Sienna)…

So, which weapons do bots use the best? Although I’m not best with the dwarf’s 2h Axe my bot seems to love it and ploughs through all kinds of stuff with it with no problems. However, giving Sienna a Fireball staff…well… you might as well give her a balloon on a stick for all the damage she does.

Builds I have that I really like and excel at, somehow look bloody useless in the hands of a bot. So has anyone actually researched best bot builds? IS there some way of testing this effectively rather than “I reckon Anti Armour is best”

When i play with bots i primarely want them to stay alive.
So i give them career weapon combos, that make them tanky.
Also they are really good ate sniping specials.

IB with axe shield and rifle.
FK with mace shield and rifle.
And either unchained with mace and any staff for tankiness
or pyro with mace for sniping specials.

FK with sword and shield and either repeater or handgun
IB with axe and shield and either pistols, handgun or crossbow
Unchained with mace and bolt staff, but Fireball is ok too.
And WS with Spear, because bots like to push, and spear is just great at that.

IB and Unchained are the strongest of them.

For ranged, anything powerful and accurate: Handgun, Crossbow, Longbow… The bots excel at sniping specials, really. For melee, there seems to be a little more variance, but should be concentrated on defensive weaponry. My group’s “tests” suggest that Kerillian does best with Two-handed Sword, though Spear might work too. Kruber and Bardin seem to generally stay alive the best with shields, likely paired with sword and axe respectively, to allow them to do some damage with it too. For Sienna… I don’t really know. The general acting of bots would probably suggest Sword or Mace. Career-wise, the sturdier ones are usually the best choice, though our tests with Kerillian are likely to continue to see if WS with two-hander can keep herself alive (as that would be more useful generally than HM).

Unchained Mace/Fireball for devastating bot, just never give sienna bot a beamstaff or she’ll just tickle mobs every 20 minutes. When in doubt bolt staff but my sienna always gets herself in a bad spot if I give her that.

Never give conflag… just… nightmares…

Mind you I run parry on my mace for Sienna as unchained since it’s good for clutching and venting, and the bot seems to use it well too.

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