Day 3 of asking for a solo offline mode

i’m kinda sick of having random’s go out of their way to ruin games or be toxic and you lot promised to give us solo and have yet to deliver. DELIVER ON YOUR PROMISES.


at this rate u will become the next


thats alright.


What a beautiful day.

what does this even mean?

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This person blocked/ignored you.
So your posts are shown like in the picture.

I think there’s nothing wrong about asking for solo mode. It was advertised and none of the FS members ever said it was canceled. Just something along the lines that it isn’t a priority at the moment.


If you want, you can make one “megathread” for solo mode and leave one comment there every day, but creating a new thread daily to say the exact same thing counts as spam and I will have to start removing them.


PC users don’t particularly need a solo mode as they can solo with mods.
More importantly, there are still many priorities for this game (adding content and fixing bugs), and for all intents and purposes, solo mode is not a priority.

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For you

Which offer no progression.


you’re not getting an offline mode of any kind, too much of the game is done serverside. stop.



Using a mod we can run what are effectively private games just fine and still get rewards, it should just be an option in the game, along with bots we can customize ourselves.


You know this game called Redfall? Well, it got solo mode with its last update! And by last, i mean the very-very last one.

Just gotta wait, patiently.

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if you think anybody can be safely counted as sane anymore, you’re insane.

Thanks Hank_JW!

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It’s been longer than 3 days but maybe just recently and personally for you.

I wouldn’t really ever use solo mode I think so I have less personal interest in it but since they promised it, they should really deliver since that resulted in sales (likely).

I understand there could be technical barriers (but they really could communicate on it).

My heart goes out to those wanting solo play truly. You COULD do the equivalent of what I did with crafting if you’re so determined. Just search “solo” in the forums and grab every thread and supportive user you can.


Ain’t no way you bought a dedicated multiplayer game for a “we want to add solo mode later”, and are actually not blaming yourself.

i’ll explain this to you in a way that even a fetus can understand.

sometimes people wanna play a specific game but they don’t wanna play with other people because they’re either burnt out on socializing with other people or they would rather not have somebody scream “kill yourself” because they went down in an auric mission or they were knocked into a deamonhost. some people also just wanna experiment with some stuff in an actual combat encounter because it gives them more information about the thing they’re trying out but they don’t wanna end up ruining somebody elses game because they took an experimental knife psyker build into an auric mission or maybe they just wanna explore the map layouts without holding up an actual team of players who just wanna get through the mission. there are plenty of reasons to play solo mode in a multiplayer game and there are plenty of reasons for the players to be pissed about fatshark going back on their promise to add it when they said that they would.

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Recently i think that “maybe im too rude to him?”

Them i go to see post in this topic and see:

Ignored this fella again.