Darktide - extreme flicker ingame and menus

Hello Guys,

i have tried almost everything, inclusive lowering settings to all low. I have an extreme flicker issue. it is not just in the armory like some people written, it come spontaniously, everywhere, mostly when some elements, which i can activate or having pop-up instructions appear, e.g. in the match selection area.
Also when just walking from one to another room, it may start flicker. I have recorded it and shared below.
I don’t kmow what to do, it not allows me to play the games as it is. The newes nvidia driver is installed for the 4090 RTX (526.98). It can run without flicker but flicker can come withour any warning at any time. Often it works to remove game from focus (alt+tab) and bring back to focus, bit it come back again. I though previously windowed mode flicker less but this is not true. Any idea what do do?

Thank you in advance

You should have a ‘Frame Generation’ option under DLSS in the ‘Video’ menu. Try disabling that.

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I’m not using FG, it disables VSYNC and tear like hell and 120FPS feels like 40. As described, i’ve disabled everithing and reduced all to low, it still flicker.

I’ve did some thoughs and i have disabled hardware accelerated GPU scheduling. This seems has eliminated the flickering completly. I don’t think it is a soltion as thtis costs performance.
Please share wih developers to get this analysed Julia.

Screenshot 2022-11-22 173919|689x494

Sorry guys, waiting queues for a paid game, massively consuming the expensive elctricity for nothing (for feeding putin) - THIS IS 100% INACCEPTABLE!!!

The card is consumign 76 watts for your crazy waiting queue…

I’m quite unsatisfied, the HAGS (Hardware Acelerated GPU Scheduling) issue reported is even not mentioned in the “Known Issues” website/blog but it is still (omni) present. No further feedback if it will be resolved. I don’t like such way of treating the users which doing the investigation for the developers.

I have the exact same issue specifed here. But only with vertical sync active and I need that to play on my Qled TV since it’s 60hz. I’ve tried the 60fps limit in options but then I get screen tearing somehow. I’ve tried pretty much everything, and right now I’m forcing the nvidia drivers to have Vsync on but it still flickers but atleast I can see the screen sometimes. Totaly unplayable!

I have a i7-12700K with a 4090 newst drivers on Windows 11. First time in my gaming history I’ve experienced this isses. Been playing on PC for last 20 years!

Fatshark! Please look into this and please give a respond.

Thank you!

Bytemare, disable FG (frame generation), Fatshark enables this mess every patch but you need to disable, FG is disablign Vsync and 120 FPS feel like 40

Dear Fatshark - why are you resetteting the graphical serttings after every recent patch? This really sucks. You can write how often you want - you can change in menu later, i don’t want you change them how you want, for example enabling shitty FG (again and again) and disbling SSR and other unwanted “Tweaks”.
Keep your hands of the settings menü, please fix the bugs, there are sooooooooooo many.

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

I’ve dissabled FR and I do have Vsync on since I want to play in locked 60 on my TV. Problem is, it’s still flickering once a while. Some places bad, and some placed a bit less. Just tried to turn off RT 100% and might be a little better but still… feels like I want to leave this game for now any try in a month or two.

Tierd of messing with settings and just want to play hassle-free.

Hope Fatshark can give a reply regaring this issue at some point and make it a priority soon.

I am having this issue as well. Running a 4080. Gotta be something going on with DLSS, Frame Generation and/or VSYNC on 40-series cards. Not seeing the issue in any other game and just like OP I’ve tried everyting but can’t get Darktide to behave. It ran fine on my 2060s during beta 1-2 weeks ago.

I tried to turn off Ray Tracing completely and it helped alot. Still some flickers here and there but it’s atleast playable now. Everything else is maxed out, framegen is off, just normal dlss. Hope it helps.

Fatshark where are you?