Darktide Texture/Shading Flickering

Ive been attempting to play this game but cannot seem to get past one hurdle.

On my pc setup, I have an issue where it seems the lighting/textures are always flickering, unless I stand still. The more I move (especially turning) the worse it gets. No settings seem to change this at all. My drivers are all up to date (even reinstalled) and I meet the minimum system requirements, if not over them. I have tried reinstalling, verifying game files but it doesnt get better.

I am on steam

My profile is Steam Community :: ThrakJaket

11/23/2022 at 2:03 pm est is when I first experienced this issue.

It is 100% constant

My supporting evidence:

(apologies for the low quality on this one.)

console-2022-11-25-03.44.32-4131eb82-4361-438e-89ed-0dd425ca05b9.log (74.1 KB)

darktide_launcher.log (255.6 KB)

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has you managed to resolve this issue? i continue to have the same issue may trying the same things to resolve it to no luck?

We’re looking in to similar issues. Thank you for your report.