Darktide Texture/Shading Flickering

Ive been attempting to play this game but cannot seem to get past one hurdle.

On my pc setup, I have an issue where it seems the lighting/textures are always flickering, unless I stand still. The more I move (especially turning) the worse it gets. No settings seem to change this at all. My drivers are all up to date (even reinstalled) and I meet the minimum system requirements, if not over them. I have tried reinstalling, verifying game files but it doesnt get better.

I am on steam

My profile is Steam Community :: Jaket

11/23/2022 at 2:03 pm est is when I first experienced this issue.

It is 100% constant

My supporting evidence:

(apologies for the low quality on this one.)

console-2022-11-25-03.44.32-4131eb82-4361-438e-89ed-0dd425ca05b9.log (74.1 KB)

darktide_launcher.log (255.6 KB)

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has you managed to resolve this issue? i continue to have the same issue may trying the same things to resolve it to no luck?

We’re looking in to similar issues. Thank you for your report.

I’ve got the same issues, on Steam. Running on a brand new PC with Windows 11. All drivers updated. Can’t even finish a run and it’s flickering like crazy some times. No overlays ingame.

Same issues, made a post on this before. Adding my voice to the choir.

Old thread, but adding to it:
Since the new patch 1.0.3 I know also have texture flickering. I changed a number of settings but it persists.
Playable but very bad for eyesight.

Update: I fixed the issue by deleting the user_config file and setting options again.
Not sure what caused the issue, but it must have been one of the custom options I set. Still weird.

I’m getting it too, and I’ll try deleting the user_config file when I’m back on tonight. I had adjusted lighting quality and DLSS modes with no change.

I tried setting the options the normal way and had even completely re-installed the GPU drivers. No avail.
Only going scorched earth on the user_config file and changing settings from the detected settings made the issue go away.

Same problem.