Darktide - extreme flicker ingame and menus

Patch 1.0.22 - nothign is resolved, flicker is stil there, Framepacing like runnign the game on a i486, the subtitles bug is open. 1.0.22 is another useless patche as the game is just not playable.

The game is really crapware…

Finally, im really sorry that i bought the game and financed a red-chinese company. Months later you can see that the focus was in buildung micro transactions (and makro transactions to Xi Jin-Beijing) and not the fun and technical aspects of the game. Even simple things like a buggy SSR and Subtitle switch was not fixed. RedShark is not alone and Redshark will hopefully have some lessons learned. For me this is very likely the last game from FS as here is the trust completly lost, not only for the “Tencent” resons of which i was even not aware of.